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— 129 —


[starkare] disaster, calamity -lig a
1 [utan framgång] unfortunate,
unlucky, ill-fated 2 unhappy; [-[eländig]-] {+[elän-
dig]+} miserable, forlorn -ligtvis adv
unfortunately, unhappily -salig a
[most] unhappy; [företag] disastrous
-s I aning misgiving -s| bringande a
fatal [för to]; disastrous -s|bud bad
news, evil tidings -s|bådande a
evil–boding, ominous -s|diger a teeming
(pregnant) with evil -s|fall accident,
casualty -s|falls|försäkring accident
insurance -s|händelse accident; [-[starkare]-] {+[star-
kare]+} disaster -sj kamrat

olydl|ig a disobedient [mot to];
insubordinate -nad disobedience
olympl|iad Olympiad -isk a, de ~a

spelen the Olympian games
ol|låt bellowing [noise]; clamour
-lä-genhet inconvenience [för to];
trouble -läglig a inconvenient,
inopportune, awkward -läklig a incurable
-lämplig a unfit, unsuitable; [svar
o. d.] improper -lämplighet
unfitness &c; impropriety -ländig a
rough, rugged -läslig a illegible,
unreadable -löslig a insoluble;
Ebildl.] unsolvable
om I adv round; ~ igen over again,
once again (more) II prep 1 ~ hornet
round the corner; stänga dörren ~
lock the door [up]ön 2 Etid] in; ~
en timme in an hour; fyra ganger ~
dret four times [in] a year; ~ fredag
next Friday; året ~ throughout the
year, all the year round 3 [tala
speak] of (about) III konj 1 [-[vill-korl.]-] {+[vill-
korl.]+} if; ~ icke if not, unless; ~ sd
är if that be the case 2 [fråg.] if,

o||mak trouble, pains -maka a, vara
~ not be a pair -manlig a unmanly,
om||arbeta tr remodel; [bok] revise
-bedd a requested -bilda tr transform
[till into]; reorganize -bona tr wrap
(muffle) up; Erum] put in good
condition; väl rum snug and cosy
room -bord adv, ~ [pd] on board
-bord|läggning collision, fouling
-brytning [boktr.] make-up -bud
representative, agent, deputy; genom ~
by proxy -buds|man = -bud; Ebank~]
solicitor -byte change -bytlig a
changeable, variable; [sinne]
inconstant, fickle -dome 1 judgment:
discernment; discrimination 2 Eåsikt]
opinion [om of]
ollmedelbar a immediate; spontaneous
-medelbarhet spontaneity
-medgörlig a unyielding -medveten a
omelett omelet[te]
omen omen, portent

omllfamna tr -famning embrace -fatta
tr Ebildl.] embrace, comprise
-fattande a comprehensive, extensive
-fattning comprehension, extent -fång
volume; size; Emus.] compass
-fångs|-rik a voluminous, bulky -gift a
remarried -giva tr surround -givning
environment; ~ar surroundings
-gjorda tr gird [up] -gående a, med
~ [post] by return [of post] -gång
round, turn; Ekläder] set -gärda tr
fence round, hedge in -hulda tr take
[great] care of, cherish -händer|ta tr
manage -hölje cover
omild a inclement, ungentle
om|intetgöra tr frustrate
omisskännelig a unmistakable, not to
be mistaken
omükastning [sudden] change
-klädning changing [of clothes]
-kläd-nings|rum changing-room -komma
itr perish -kostnad[er] cost, expense
-krets circumference; inom tio mils ~
within a radius of ten miles
omllkring adv prep round; runt
[all] around; ~ 100 about a (one)
hundred; vida ~ far and wide -kull
adv EsZd knock] down (over) -kväde
burden -lopp 1 circulation; vara i ~
circulate; be abroad 2 [jordens]
omnibus omnibus
om I nämna tr mention
ollmodern a unfashionable, out of
fashion -mogen a unripe; Ebildl.]
immature -moralisk a immoral
-mornad a sleepy, half awake
-motiverad a uncalled-for
omllplantera tr replant, transplant
-prövning reconsideration -ringa tr
surround, hem in; ~d X beset on all
sides -råde territory; Emindre]
district; area; utom mitt ~ outside my
department (province), beyond my
scope -röstning vote, voting -sider
adv at last, at length -skriva tr 1
paraphrase 2 [mat.] circumscribe
-skrivande a periphrastic -skrivning

1 periphrasis 2 [mat.]
circumscribing -skära tr circumcise -skärelse
circumcision -slag 1 [bok~] cover;
[paket] wrapper; [läk.] compress

2 [sudden] change;" Ei känsla äv.]
revulsion -slags |papper wrapping
–paper -sorg care -sorgs|full a
careful; industrious -stridd a disputed,
contested -stående a, pä ~ sida on
the other [side of the] page, over-leaf
-ständighet circumstance; fact; efter
~ema according to circumstances
-ständlig a circumstantial, detailed
-störta tr overthrow, upset -störtning
overthrow, upsetting, downfall; [-Epo-lit.]-] {+Epo-
lit.]+} revolution -svep roundabout
way, circumlocution; utan ~ in so

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