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ostruk|en a 1 [linne] unironed 2
[mus.] -na oktaven the small (tenor)
ost|vassla whey

o||styrig a unruly; [bråkig] rowdy
-städad a untidy -stämd a out of
tune -störd a undisturbed; ~ sömn
unbroken slumbers -sund a
unwholesome; [bildh] unsound -sviklig a
unfailing, unerring; infallible
[botemedel remedy] -svur|en a, -et är bäst
better not to swear to it -sympatisk
a uncongenial; unsympathetic
-synlig a invisible -sårbar a invulnerable
-säker a unsafe, insecure; [inkomst]
precarious; doubtful [om about];
uncertain [om, på of] -säkerhet
un-safeness; insecurity, uncertainty
-säljbar a unsal[e]able -sökt a
unsought [for]; en ~ anledning an
opportunity not of one’s own seeking
-tack ingratitude -tacksam a
ungrateful; thankless [göra job] -tadlig a
inculpable, irreprehensible;
blameless -takt, i ~ out of time (step)
-talig a innumerable, countless -tid,
i ~ at the wrong moment; i tid och ~
in season and out of season
-tillbörlig a undue -tillfredsställande a
unsatisfactory -tillförlitlig a not to be
relied on; unreliable -tillgänglig a
inaccessible; [pets.] unapproachable,
reserved -tillräcklig a insufficient,
inadequate -tillräknelig a
irresponsible -tillàtlig a not allowable,
impermissible -tjänlig a unserviceable;
[väder] unsuitable -tjänst ill turn
-trevlig a disagreeable, unpleasant;
[situation] awkward
otro want of faith, disbelief -gen a 1
disbelieving, unbelieving; en ~ an
unbeliever, an infidel 2 [oredlig]
dishonest 3 [trolös] unfaithful -lig a
incredible; marvellous, extraordinary
otröstlig a inconsolable, disconsolate
ottlia l = -e,säng 2 stiga upp i -an rise
with the lark -e|sång matins [pl.];
[kat.] early mass
ottoman ottoman

oütuggad a unmasticated -tukt
un-chastity, lewdness -tur bad luck; ha
~ be unlucky -tvetydig a
unequivocal; unmistakable, plain
-tvivelaktig a indubitable, undoubted
-tvivelaktigt adv beyond doubt, doubtless
-tvungen a unforced, un[re]strained
-tydlig a indistinct, vague -tyg
abomination; nuisance -tyglad a
unrestrained; unbridled [passion]
-tymplig a ungainly, lumbering,
clumsy -tålig a impatient [över at]
-tålighet impatience -täck a nasty;
ugly -tämd a untamed -tänkbar a
inconceivable, unimaginable -tät a
not [water-]tight; [båt] leaky -törs-

tig a se törst -umbärlig a
indispensable -undgänglig a indispensable;
necessary -undviklig a inevitable;
unavoidable -uppgjord a unsettled
-upphinnelig a unattainable, out o t
reach -upphörlig a incessant,
unceasing; perpetual, continuous
-upp-löslig a indissoluble -uppmärksam a
inattentive -uppmärksamhet
inat-tentiveness, inattention -ursäktlig a
inexcusable -utförbar a
impracticable, unfeasible; unrealizable [project]
-utgrundlig a unfathomable,
fathomless -uthärdlig a insufferable,
insupportable, intolerable -utplånlig a
ineffaceable; Efläck] indelible
-ut-rannsaklig a inscrutable -utrotlig a
ineradicable, inextirpable -utslitlig
a that will not wear out -utspädd a
undiluted -utsäglig a unspeakable,
inexpressible -uttröttlig a
indefatigable, inexhaustible -uttömlig a
inexhaustible -utvecklad a undeveloped
oval I a oval II oval

1 ovan adv above; som ~ as above

2 ovan a unaccustomed, unfamiliar:
jfr oövad -a 1 want of practice 2
bad habit

ovan||för I prep above II adv above,
higher (farther) up -ifrån adv from

ovanlig a unusual; uncommon;
singular -t adv exceptionally, unusually
ovanllläder over-leather -nämnd a
above-mentioned -på I prep [up]ön,
on the top of II adv on the top
ovansklig a everlasting
ovan|stående a s the above
oilvarsam a careless -vederhäftig a
irresponsible -verklig a unreal
-verksam a inactive, inert; [liv] idle
-verksamhet inactivity; idleness
-ve-tande a unknowing -vett abuse,
invectives Epl.] -vettig a abusive
-viktig a unimportant, insignificant
-vilja disgust; aversion [mot to]
-villig a unwilling, reluctant
-vill-korligen adv absolutely, positively
-viss a uncertain; doubtful -visshet
uncertainty; Ekänsla] suspense, doubt
-vårdad a untended, neglected -väder
storm -väders I centrum centre of
[atmospheric i depression -väld
impartiality -välkommen a unwelcome
-vän enemy -vänlig a unkind;
unfriendly -väntad a unexpected
-vär-derlig a invaluable -värdig a
unworthy; Euppträdande] shameful
-väsen noise -väsentlig a immaterial
oxllbringa brisket of beef -e ox [pl.

oxel [white] beam-tree
oxeltand molar [tooth], grinder
ox I filé fillet of beef
oxid oxide -era tr itr oxide

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