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parera tr parry, fend off ⁅a blow⁆

parfym perfume, scent -era tr
perfume, scent -flaska scent-bottle
-handel perfumery; perfumer’s shop

pari, till ~ at par; under ~ below par,
at a discount

paria paria[h]

paris‖are -isk a Parisian

park park -era tr park -ering parking
-erings|plats park[ing-place]

parkett 1 ⁅teat.⁆ orchestra stails 2
parquet -biljett ticket for the stalls
-golv parquet[ed] floor

parlament parliament -arisk a
parliamentary -s|beslut act of parliament
-s|ledamot member of parliament

parlör phrasebook

parnass [Mount] Parnassus

parning pairing; copulation -s|drift
sexual instinct

parodi parody ⁅ on⁆ -era tr parody,
travesty -sk a parodic[al]

paroxysm paroxysm

part 1 ⁅del⁆ part 2 ⁅lag.⁆ party

parti part; section; ⁅i bok⁆ passage;
⁅gifte⁆ match; ⁅spel⁆ game; ⁅polit.⁆
party; ta ngns ~ take a p.’s part
(side); i ~ wholesale

particip participle

parti‖ell a partial -gängare partisan,
factionist -handel wholesale [trade]

partikel particle

partisk a partial; prejudiced, biassed

partitur ⁅mus.⁆ score

parti|väsen partyism; party system

parvel little boy; brat [of a boy]

par|vis adv by (in) pairs; in couples

pascha pascha

pass 1 till ~ opportunely, not amiss;
komma väl till ~ come in well
(handy) 2 ⁅genomgång⁆ pass;
passage 3 ⁅res-⁆ passport

1 passa itr ⁅kort.⁆ pass

2 passa I tr itr fit, suit; ~ för varandra
be well matched: ~ på tillfället avail
o.s. of the opportunity II rfl, det ~r
sig inte
it is not fitting

passadvind trade-wind

passag‖e passage -erare passenger

pass‖ande a fit; ⁅svar⁆ proper;
appropriate; ⁅ord⁆ adequate, right
-are [pair of] compasses

pass|byrå passport-office

passer‖a I tr press through a sieve
(strainer) II itr 1 pass 2 = hända
-ad a past, gone by -sedel pass[-bill]

passgång amble -are ambler

passion passion -erad a passionate

passiv a passive -itet passivity -um
passive [voice]

pasta paste

pastej [mince-]pie; ⁅bakelse⁆ pastry

pastell pastel, [coloured] crayon
-målare painter in crayon &c -målning
crayon &c drawing

pastilj pastil[l]e, lozenge

pastor pastor; ~ N. [the] Reverend N.
-at parish -s|adjunkt ⁅Engl.⁆ curate
-s|expedition [parish-]registrar’s
office -s|ämbete pastorate

pastörisera tr pasteurize

patent [letters] patent; ta ~ på take
out a patent for -ansökan
application for a patent -brev letters patent
-innehavare patentee -lås patent
(Yale) lock -rätt patent-right[s]
-verk, ~et the Patent Office

paternoster paternoster -verk
chain-pump [work]

patetisk a pathetic[al]

pati‖ens, lägga ~ play [at] patience
-ent patient

patina patina

patologisk a pathologic[al]

patos pathos

patrask = pack 1

patriark patriarch -alisk a patriarchal
-at patriarchate

patric‖ier -isk a patrician

patriot patriot -isk a patriotic

patron 1 ⁅husbonde⁆ master; ⁅lant~⁆
squire; ⁅titel⁆ governor 2
cartridge, cartouche -hylsa cartridge-case

patrull patrol, guard -era tr itr patrol,
go the rounds -tjänst patrol-service

paus pause; ⁅mus.⁆ rest; ⁅teat.⁆

paviljong pavilion

pedagog pedagogue, education[al]ist
-ik pedagogics ⁅pl.⁆ -isk a

pedal pedal

pedant pedant; ⁅egenkär⁆ prig -eri
pedantry; ⁅ämbetsmans⁆ red-tapism
-isk a pedantic; ⁅stel⁆ strait-laced;

pedell beadle; ⁅kyrko-⁆ verger

pedikyr pedicure

pegas Pegasus

pejla tr itr sound; take the bearings [of]

pek‖a itr point ⁅ at⁆; ⁅bildl.⁆ tend
-finger forefinger, index

pekoral [masterpiece of] drivel

pekpinne pointer

pekuniär a pecuniary, monetary

pelare pillar; column

pelargonia pelargonium

pelargång colonnade; arcade

pelikan pelican -höna hen-pelican

pendang pendant

pend‖el pendulum -la itr pendulate
-ling oscillatory motion, oscillation

pendyl pendulum-clock

pengar money ⁅sing.⁆; reda ~ ready
money, cash; förtjäna ~ make money;
utan ~ penniless

penn‖a pen; ⁅ving~⁆ quill; ⁅blyerts~⁆
pencil -drag stroke of [the] pen
-fodral [pen-and-]pencil-case
-fäktare quill-driver, scribbler

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