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penning piece of money, coin; ~ar
money -affär mone[tar]y
transaction -belopp amount (sum) of money
-brist lack (want) of money -böter
[pecuniary] mulet, fine -dryg a
purse-proud -gräs penny-cress -hjälp
pecuniary assistance -lotteri
money-lottery -pung money-bag, purse
-summa sum of money -välde
plutocracy -värde money (pecuniary)
value -väsen money system, finances

penn‖kniv penknife -skaft penholder
-skrin = -fodral -teckning pen-and-ink
(black-and-white) drawing (sketch)

pensé pansy, heart’s-ease

pensel pencil, brush -drag stroke of a
(the) pencil, touch -föring touch,
handling of one’s brush

pension 1 pension, retiring allowance;
⚔ half-pay; få ~ get (receive) a
pension 2 ⁅skola⁆ boarding-school
-at boarding-house; pension -era tr
pension [off], grant a pension to;
~d retired -ering pensioning;
superannuation -s|avgift superannuation
money -s|berättigad a pensionable,
entitled to a pension -s|kassa
pension (superannuation) fund -är 1
pensioner, pensionary 2 ⁅på
pensionat⁆ boarder; ⁅i skola⁆
boarding-school pupil

pensla tr pencil; paint

pensum task; lesson

peppar pepper -kaka gingerbread
[cake] -korn peppercorn -mynta
peppermint -rot horse-radish

peppr‖a tr pepper -ig a peppery

per prep per, pr; ⁅tåg, båt⁆ by; ~ styck
apiece, each; ~ timme by the hour

perenn a perennial

perfekt a perfect -um [the] perfect
[tense]; ~ particip perfect (past)

perforer‖a tr perforate -ing perforation

pergament parchment; vellum -rulle
roll of parchment (vellum)

pergola pergola

perifer‖i periphery -isk a
peripheric[al], peripheral

period period -isk a periodic[al]

periskop ⚓ ⚔ periscope

permanent a permanent -ondulering
permanent wave

perm‖ission permission; leave of
absence -issions|sedel permit; ⚔ pass
-ittera tr grant leave of absence to,

perpendikel perpendicular, normal

perrong [railway-station] platform
-biljett platform-ticket

persed|el article, thing; -lar
implements paraphernalia, trappings;
⚔ accoutrements, kit

pers‖er Persian -ian Persian lamb,
astrakhan P-ien npr Persia

persienn Venetian blind

persika peach

persilja parsley

persisk a Persian -a 1 Persian 2
Persian woman (lady)

person person; individual; ~erna
⁅teat.⁆ dramatis personae; offentlig ~
public character; min ringa ~ my
humble self; i egen ~ in person; per
a head, apiece, each -al
personnel, staff, employees -alier personal
history, biographical data -bil
private car -ifiera tr personify,
[im]personate; den ~de hövligheten
civility itself -lig a personal; individual;
~ tillhörighet private belonging
-ligen adv personally; komma ~ come
(call) in person -lighet personality;
⁅konkr.⁆ person, personage -tariff
passenger tariff -tåg passenger train;
⁅ej snälltåg⁆ slow (stopping, ⁅i
Engl.⁆ parliamentary) train

perspektiv perspective; ⁅bildl.⁆

peruk wig; periwig, peruke -makare
wig-maker -stock ⁅bildl.⁆ block[head]

pervers a perverse

pessim‖ism pessimism -ist pessimist

pest plague, pest; ⁅is. bildl.⁆ pestilence
-artad a pestilential -böld
plague-sore -smitta pestilential contagion
-smittad a infected with the plague,

pet‖a tr itr poke; ⁅tänder⁆ pick; ~
clean one’s nails -ig a
finicking, finical

petition petition ⁅om for⁆

petroleum petroleum, mineral

Pfalz npr the Palatinate -greve Count

piano piano -stol music-stool
-stämmare piano-tuner

pick = pack 2 -a itr ⁅hjärtat⁆ flutter;
⁅fågel⁆ peck -nick picnic

piedestal pedestal

piet‖et piety, reverence -istisk a

piff, sätta ~ på flavour, render piquant

piga maid[-servant], servant-girl

pigg I spike, point II a lively, spirited,
brisk -a tr, ~ upp stir (wake) up
-svin porcupine -var turbot

pigment pigment

pik 1 pike 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ by-hint, [sly] hit
piqué, French quilting -et
picket; ⁅kort.⁆ piquet -ör whipper-in

pil 1 arrow, shaft; bolt; som en ~ like
lightning 2 ⁅träd⁆ willow -båge bow

pilgrim pilgrim -s|färd pilgrimage

piller pill

pilot pilot

pilsner ale

pilspets arrow-head

pimsten pumice[-stone]

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