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pin‖a I agony, torment, [excruciating]
pain II tr torment, torture, pain
-ande a, en ~ blåst a biting wind
-bänk, lägga ngn på ~en put a p. on
the rack

pincené pince-nez, eye-glasses ⁅pl.⁆

pincett tweezers (nippers) ⁅pl.⁆

pingla I itr tinkle, jingle, ring II
[small] bell

pingpong pingpong -boll pingpong

pingst Whitsuntide; Pentecost -afton
Whitsun Eve -dag Whit-Sunday
-helg Whitsuntide -lilja white
narcissus -rörelse Pentecostal revival

pingvin penguin

pinje stone-pine

pinn‖e [wooden] peg; ⁅fågel~⁆ perch;
⁅ved~⁆ stick -hål peg-hole

pin‖ohistoria, Kristi ~ the Passion
-o|redskap instrument of torture
-sam a agonizing, excruciating;
painful ⁅scene⁆

pion peony

pionjär pioneer

1 pip ⁅ljud⁆ peep, cheep

2 pip beak, lip; spout

1 pipa itr peep, cheep; squeak, pipe

2 pip‖a pipe; tube; ⁅vissel~⁆ whistle;
röka ~ smoke a pipe -huvud

pipig a whining, puling; squeaky

pip‖rensare pipe-clean[s]er -skaft
pipe-stem -skägg imperial

pir pier, jetty

pirat pirate

piruettera itr pirouette

pisk whipping, licking -a I tr whip,
lash; ⁅klå⁆ flog; ~ mattor beat
carpets II whip -rapp lash, cut with a
whip -skaft whip-handle -snärt
[whip-]lash, thong

pistill pistil

pistol pistol -hölster holster,
pistol-case -kolv handle (butt-end) of
a pistol -skott pistol-shot

pittoresk a picturesque

pjosk squeamishness -a itr be
squeamish -ig a squeamish, fastidious

pjäs piece; ⁅teat.⁆ play; ⁅schack⁆ man

pjäxa Laplander’s [fur] boot

placer‖a tr place; ⁅rumsbet.⁆ locate,
station; ⁅gäster⁆ seat; ⚔ post;
⁅pengar⁆ invest -ing placing &c;
⁅hand.⁆ disposal

pladask adv, falla ~ fall plump

pladd‖er -ra itr prattle, babble, jabber

plafond ceiling

plage beach, plage

plagg garment [of dress (apparel)]

plagi‖at plagiarism; literary piracy
-era tr itr plagiarize

plakat placard; ⁅kungörelse⁆ edict,

plan I a plane ⁅yta surface⁆; even II
plane; i samma ~ on the same level
III 1 ⁅gårds-⁆ [piece of] ground,
[level] area 2 ⁅ritn.; bildl.⁆ plan;
design; ⁅förslag⁆ scheme, project
-era tr 1 ⁅jämna⁆ level, planish 2
make preparations, plan

planet planet -system planetary

plan|film flat-film

plank 1 ⁅koll.⁆ deals 2 hoarding[s],
paling[s] -a plank; ⁅furu~⁆ deal
-strykare painter of railings &c;
odd-job painter; ⁅bildl.⁆ dauber

plan‖lägga tr plan; design -läggning
planning; design -lös a without [a]
regular plan; unmethodical; ⁅bildl.⁆
aimless -löst adv without a plan; at
random -mässig a methodical,
systematic[al] -ritning 1 drawing of a
plan; ⁅läroämne⁆ plan-drawing 2
⁅konkr.⁆ [ground-]plan

plansch plate -ett [stay-]busk -verk
illustrated [literary] work, collection
of engravings

plant‖a plant; ⁅ört⁆ herb -age
plantation -age|ägare planter -era tr
plaut; set -ering plantation -skola
nursery ⁅för of⁆; ⁅eg. äv.⁆

plask -a itr [s]plash -damm

plast‖ik plastic art -isk a plastic

platan plane-tree; platan[e]

platina platinum

platonisk a Platonic

plats 1 ⁅rum⁆ place; locality;
⁅utrymme⁆ space; ⁅sitt-⁆ seat; tag ~! please
be seated! ⁅järnv.⁆ take your seats
[, please]! bereda ~ för make room
for; beställa ~ secure a seat; ta stor ~
take up a great deal of space (room);
på ~en on the spot, at the place;
sin ~
in its [proper] place,
appropriate 2 ⁅ställning⁆ position, place
[in society]; ⁅befattning⁆ place, post,
situation; appointment, employment
-agent local agent
-anskaffnings|byrå registry office -biljett reserved
place [in a train] -sökande a seeking
employment; en ~ an applicant [for
a post]

platt I a 1 flat 2 = banal II adv clean,
quite -a I plate; ⁅sten~⁆ slab II tr
flatten ⁅till, ut down, out⁆ -form
platform; ⁅järnv.⁆ landing: ⁅på
järnvägs-, spår|vagn⁆ gangway -fot
flat-foot -fotad a flat-foot[ed] -het
flatness 2 ~er platitudes,
commonplaces conventionalities -söm satin
stitch -[t]ysk a -[t]yska Low German,

platå table-land, plateau

plebej plebeian -isk a plebeian;
common, vulgar

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