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praiseworthy, commendable 2 worth its

privat I a private II adv privately
-ist pupil prepared privately -lektion
private lesson -liv private life -man
private gentleman -rätt civil law

privilegi‖era tr privilege; license,
charter -um privilege

problem problem -atisk a

procedur procedure

procent per cent (%); percentage; till
fem %
at five per cent; betala viss ~
pay a percentage; 4 % obligationer
four per cent debentures (bonds) -are
money-lender -uell a percental

process 1 ⁅allm.⁆ process; procedure
2 ⁅jur.⁆ lawsuit, action jfr rättegång;
göra ~en kort med
deal summarily
with -a itr carry on a lawsuit, litigate
-ion procession

produc‖ent producer; ⁅åkerbr.⁆ grower
-era tr produce, grow

produkt product; production; landets
the produce of the country -ion
production; ⁅konkr.⁆ yield, produce;
output ⁅av järn of iron⁆
-ions|kostnad cost of production (manufacture)
-iv a productive -ivitet productivity,

profan a profane -era tr profane;

professionell a professional

profess‖or professor ⁅i of⁆ -orska
professor’s wife -ur professorship,
[professor’s] chair

profet prophet -era itr tr prophesy
-ia prophecy; prediction -isk a
prophetic -issa prophetess

profil profile; ⚙ vertical section; i ~

profit -era itr profit, gain

program program[me]; ⁅teat.⁆
play-bill; ⁅polit.⁆ platform

progressiv a progressive

projekt project, scheme -il projectile
-ion projection

pro‖klamation proclamation
-klamera tr proclaim -kurist managing
(confidential) clerk

prolet‖ariat proletariate -är a s

prolog prologue

promemoria memorandum; list of
agenda; notes ⁅pl.⁆

promenad walk; promenade; ta en ~
go out for a walk -dräkt tailor-made,
coat and skirt -plats [regular] walk;

promenera itr [take a] walk, stroll,
promenade [about]

pro‖motion conferment of a doctor’s
degree -movera tr confer a [doctor’s]
degree upon; bli ~d graduate
-nomen pronoun -nominell a pronominal

prononcerad a decided, strong

propaganda propaganda; göra ~ make
propaganda, propagandize

propeller propeller, screw -axel
screw-shaft -blad screw-blade

proper a clean, tidy; neat-looking

proponera tr propose; suggest

proportion proportion -ell a
proportional (proportionable) ⁅mot to⁆
-erlig a proportionate, well-proportioned
-s|vis adv proportionally, in

proposition proposition; framställa ~
put the question; kunglig ~
government bill

propp stopper; cork; plug -a tr stop
igen up⁆, cork, plug -full a crammed
tight; chock-full

prosa prose -isk a prosaic[al]; prosy;
~ människa unimaginative
(matter-of-fact) person

proselyt proselyte, convert

prosit itj good luck!

pro‖skribera tr proscribe -spekt

prost [rural] dean -gård deanery,
dean’s house -inna dean’s wife

prostitu‖erad a prostitute -tion

protektion patronage; under ~ av
patronized by

protest protest -ant Protestant
-antisk a Protestant -antism
Protestantism -era tr itr protest
(remonstrate) ⁅mot against⁆; object ⁅mot to⁆

protokoll minutes ⁅pl.⁆; [report of the]
proceedings; [official] record; sitta
vid ~et
act as secretary

prov 1 ⁅försök⁆ trial, experiment;
⚙ test; ⁅bevis⁆ proof ⁅ of⁆; anställa.
~ med
put to the test, try; bestå ~et
pass, be proof (up to the mark);
på ~ on trial 2 ⁅konkr.⁆ sample;
specimen ⁅ of⁆ -a tr try; ⁅kläder⁆
try on; ⚙ test -bit sample, specimen

proviant provisions (stores, victuals)
⁅pl.⁆ -era itr victual, supply
provisions -ering victualling, supply of

provins province -ial|läkare medical
officer to [a] county council -iell a

provi‖sion commission; fee -sorisk a
provisional; temporary

prov‖kandidat trainee, teaching
probationer -karta ⁅hand.⁆
pattern(sample-)card; ⁅friare⁆ collection of
specimens; en ~ på a medley of
-körning trial run -lektion
specimen-lesson -ning trying [on] -nummer
specimen copy

provokation provocation

prov‖predika itr preach on probation
-predikan trial (specimen) sermon
-ryttare = handelsresande -rör ⁅kem.⁆

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