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2 rost grate; jfr -ugn, halster

1 rosta itr rust, become (get) rusty;
gammal kärlek ~r aldrig old love
never fades

2 rost‖a tr roast ⁅coffee⁆; ⁅bröd⁆ toast;
~t bröd toast -biff roast beef

rost‖brun a [of a] rusty brown -fläck
spot of rust; ⁅på linne⁆ iron-mould
-ig a rusty -lager layer of rust

rost‖ning roasting; toasting -ugn

rot root ⁅på, till of⁆; ~en ur ett tal the
square root of a number; ha sin ~ i
take its origin in; slå ~ (rötter) strike
(take) root; rycka upp med ~en tear
up by the roots, ⁅bildl.⁆ root out,
extirpate; rot- radical -a I itr root;
~ fram dig up II rfl strike root

rot‖bildning radication -blöta F soaker
-borste fibre brush

rote ⚔ file; ⁅gymn.⁆ squad

rotera itr rotate

rot‖fast a rooted -frukt root -märke
⁅mat.⁆ radical sign -ord root-word

rots ⁅veter.⁆ glanders

rot‖skott ground-shoot, sucker
-stavelse radical

rotting rat[t]an [cane] -stol
cane-bottomed chair

rotvälska lingo, double Dutch

rov 1 prey ⁅för of⁆ 2 ⁅byte⁆ spoil[s],

rova turnip; ⁅bildl.⁆ sätta en ~ sit
down [hard]

rov‖djur predatory animal -fågel bird
of prey -girig a rapacious -girighet
rapacity -riddare robber-knight

rubb, ~ och stubb lock, stock and barrel

rubb‖a tr 1 displace; move 2 ⁅ändra⁆
alter; upset ⁅planer plans⁆; shake -ad
a ⁅galen⁆ distracted, deranged

rubel rouble

rubin ruby -röd a red

rubrik heading, title, rubric

rucka tr regulate, adjust

1 ruckel ⁅kyffe⁆ hovel, ramshackle

2 ruck‖el revelry -lare reveller, rake

ruda crucian carp

rud‖iment rudiment -imentär a
rudimentary -is a, ~ på destitute of

1 ruff ⚓ deck-house

2 ruff ⁅sport.⁆ rough play

rufs‖a tr, ~ till ruffle -ig a ⁅i håret⁆
dishevelled, tousled

rugg‖a itr moult -ig a matted; ⁅äv.
väder⁆ rough; känna sig ~ feel seedy
-ning ⁅om fågel⁆ moult

ruin ruin -era tr ruin, bring to ruin;
⁅bildl.⁆ wreck -erad a ruined,
bankrupt -erande a ruinous ⁅pris price⁆

rul‖ad roll; ⁅ox-⁆ rolled beef -ett

rull‖a I ⚔ roll, list II itr roll III tr
roll; coil ⁅ett tåg a rope⁆; ~ ned
draw (pull) down the blinds;
~ upp uncoil IV rfl roll

rull‖e roll -film roll-(reel-)film
-gardin roller-blind -skridsko roller-skate
-sten boulder -stol
wheel-(Bath-)chair -sylta collared brawn -tårta
Swiss roll

rulta I itr waddle, roll II podgy woman

rum I 1 room; ⁅rymd⁆ space; får den
is there room enough for it?
lämna ~ för leave room for 2 ⁅plats⁆
place, room, stead; tid och ~ time
and place 3 ⁅bildl.⁆ i ~met ⁅filos.⁆
in space; i första ~met in the first
place; sätta i första ~met place
first (foremost); stå i första ~met
head the list; äga ~ take place 4
⁅bonings-⁆ room, chamber; lodging:
möblerade ~ furnished rooms
(apartments) II a, i ~ sjö in the open sea

rumla itr revel, carouse

rums‖kamrat room-mate -luft indoor

rumstera itr rummage about

Rumän‖ien R[o]umania r-ier r-[i]sk a

run‖a rune, runic character -alfabet
runic alphabet

rund I round, circle II a round; i runt
in round numbers -a I tr 1 ~
round off 2 double ⁅en udde a
cape⁆ II rfl round -båge semicircular
(Norman) arch -el circle; ⁅plats⁆
round space, circus -kindad a with
round (plump) cheeks -lig a ample,
plenteous -radiera tr broadcast -radio
radio, wireless, broadcasting -resa
circuit; ⁅turists⁆ circular tour
-rese|biljett circular tourist’s ticket

runga itr resound; ett ~nde leve a
ringing cheer

runinskrift runic inscription

runka tr itr rock, wag; ⁅skaka⁆ shake

run‖kunskap runology -ristare runer
-sten rune-stone, runic stone

runt I adv round; ~ om[kring] round
(all) about II prep, ~ om around;
året ~ all the year round
-om[kring] prep all round

rus intoxication; inebriation; under
~ets inverkan
while intoxicated,
under the influence of drink

1 rusa itr rush, dash ⁅förbi past⁆; ~
start up, spring to one’s feet

2 rus‖a tr intoxicate, inebriate
-drycks|förbud [total] prohibition -ig a =
berusad, drucken

rusk bad (damp) weather

1 ruska I tuft, wisp; ⁅träd-⁆ bunch of
twigs II tr, ~ en väg mark out a
road with twigs

2 ruska tr itr, ~ [i ()] shake

ruskig a ⁅om väder⁆ disagreeable, wet
and chilly; ⁅motbjudande⁆ disgusting;
⁅hus; ställe⁆ dismal

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