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stut bullock -eri [breeding-]stud

stuv remnant [of cloth]; ~ar
oddments -a tr 1 ⁅kok.⁆ stew; ~ om
bash up, rehash 2 ⚓ stow -are
stower, stevedore -ning stew

styck, per ~ by the piece; fem kr. ~
five crowns a piece (each) -a tr cut
up -e 1 ⁅del⁆ piece; ⁅väg⁆ part; jfr
bit 2 piece; fem ~n kvar five left;
vi voro 20 ~n there were twenty of us
-e|gods case-goods -[e]vis adv by the
piece -ning cutting up; partition
-verk fragmentary work

stygg a bad, wicked; ⁅barn⁆ naughty
-else abomination

stygn stitch

stylta stilt

stymp‖a tr maim, mutilate -ad a
truncate -ande maiming, mutilation
-are ⁅bildl.⁆ bungler

styng 1 = stygn 2 ⁅insekt⁆ sting

styr, hålla i ~ keep in order -a I tr
steer; ~ sina steg direct one’s steps
2 ⁅leda⁆ govern; rule II itr ⚓ steer
-bord ⚓ starboard -e ⚓ helm -else
government; ⁅bolags⁆ [board of]
directors -else|medlem member of a
board -es|man governor; manager
-hytt pilot-house

styrk‖a 1 strength ⁅hos of⁆; power,
force; ⁅kropps~⁆ vigour 2 ⁅antal⁆
number[s]; ⚔ force II tr
strengthen; ⁅bildl.⁆ confirm -ande a
restorative -e|dryck F pick-me-up

styr‖man [förste ~ chief] mate -ning
steering -sel bearing -stång ⁅cykel⁆

styv a stiff; ⁅spänd⁆ tight

styv‖barn stepchild -bror stepbrother

styver jfr slant o. pengar

styv|far stepfather

styv‖het stiffness -hårig a bristly

styv‖mor stepmother -moderlig a
stepmotherly -mors|viol

styv‖na itr stiffen -sint a stiffnecked,
obstinate -sintnet strong will;

stå I itr stand; ~ stilla ⁅fabrik⁆ be
at a standstill; ~ och stirra stand
staring; ~ och vänta wait; ~ i en bok
be in a book; ~ vid sitt ord stand to
one’s word: ~ bi hold out; ~ på sig
hold one’s own; hur står det till? how
are you [getting on]? II rfl = hålla
-ende a standing; ⁅exempel⁆
set; ⁅pris⁆ fixed; på ~ fot offhand

stål steel -penna nib -sätta tr rfl steel
[o. s.] -tråd [steel] wire

stånd 1 stand; hålla ~ hold one’s
ground (own); få till ~ bring into
existence: komnla till ~ come about
2 ⁅skick⁆ state; sätta i ~ put in order;
sätta ngn i ~ att enable a p. to; vara
i ~ att
be able to; ur ~ att incapable
of 3 det äkta ~et the married state
4 ⁅klass⁆ order, class -aktig a
steadfast, staunch -are 1 ⚙ standard 2
⁅bot.⁆ stamen -punkt standpoint;
⁅bildl. äv.⁆ point of view; hög ~
high standard -s|fördom class

stång pole; hålla .. ~en hold one’s
own with .. -a tr butt -järn bar-iron
-piska pigtail, cue

1 stånka wooden can; stoup

2 stånka itr puff and blow

stå|plats standing-place

ståt display, splendour -a itr keep up
a great show; ~ med make a great
display of, parade -hållare governor
-lig a fine; stately; ~ karl
splendid-looking fellow -lighet magnificence,

stäcka tr cut short

städ anvil

städ‖a tr itr tidy up; ~ ett rum do a
room -ad a ⁅pers.⁆ well-behaved
-erska chambermaid; ⚓ stewardess

städse adv ever, always

ställ stand -a I tr 1 set, place, put 2
⁅rikta⁆ direct; address 3 ~ till’
arrange, make II rfl 1 place o.s.; stand
2 ~ sig in hos ngn gain a p.’s favour
-bar a adjustable -d a 1 placed,
located 2 ha det bra -t be well off
3 ⁅växel⁆ ~ på payable to -e place,
room, spot; i hans ~ in his stead; i
~t för
instead of; få i ~t get in
return; på ~t on the spot, there and
then; på ~t marsch! mark time!
-företrädare deputy -ning 1 position;
⁅läge⁆ situation 2 ⁅konkr.⁆ stand
-nings|steg, göra ~ stand at salute

stäm‖band vocal chord -d a disposed,
inclined -gaffel tuning-fork -järn
[mortise-]chisel -ma I tr 1 ⁅hejda⁆
stein; ⁅blod⁆ check 2 ⁅mus.⁆ tune;
~ ngn gynnsamt för influence a p. in
favour or II itr 1 agree, accord 2 ~
strike up -ning 1 ⁅mus.⁆ tuning
2 mood; atmosphere; ~en var hög
spirits ruled high; ~en bland folket
the feeling among the people; i ~ för
in the humour for 3 ⁅jur.⁆ summons
-nings|full a impressive, instinct with

stämp‖el stamp -la I tr stamp; ⁅träd⁆
mark II itr tr plot, intrigue -ling 1
stamping 2 conspiracy, plot, intrigue

ständig a permanent -t adv perpetually

stäng‖a tr shut; close; ⁅låsa⁆ lock,
bolt; ~ in shut in (up); ~ till om
close (shut, lock) up, secure; ~ ute
keep (shut) out -dags closing-time

stängel stalk, stem; ⁅bot.⁆ scape

stäng‖ning shutting, closing -sel
fence[s], rail[ing]; enclosure

stänk sprinkle; ⁅smuts-⁆ splash[es]
-a tr itr sprinkle; splash -bord

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