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exertion (effort) -frihet liberty of
thought -förmåga, the
thinking–faculty -gång line of thought
-läsare thought-reader -utbyte
exchange of ideas -väckande a
suggestive -överföring thought-transference
tank!full a thoughtful; meditative,
contemplative -lös a thoughtless,
unreflecting -spridd a
absent-minded; preoccupied -spriddhet
preoccupation (absence) of mind -streck
dash -ställare, en ~ something to
think about
tant aunt

tantiem percentage (commission) [on

tapet 1 [wall-]paper; [vävd] tapestry:
~er [äv.] paper-hangings 2 vara pd
~en be on the tapis -dorr tapestried
door -sera tr hang with wall-paper;
~ om re-paper -serare upholsterer
tapisseri tapestry -affär fancy-work

tapp 1 tap, faucet, plug 2 [hö-] wisp;
bundle; full-] flock

1 tappa tr tap; ~ på vatten let in
water; ~ »r drain, empty, let out of

2 tappa tr drop, let fall; lose
tapper a brave; valiant; hälla sig ~

stand one’s ground -het bravery,
valour -hets|medalj medal for bra:
very [in action]
tappt, ge ~ give in, throw up the

sponge; ge inte ~.’ never say die!
tapto, bläsa ~ beat the tattoo
tara [hand.] tare
tariff tariff; schedule [of rates]
tarm intestine; ~«r guts, bowels
-blödning -katarr intestinal bleeding
(catarrh) -vred ileus
tarv, förrätta siti ~ ease nature -a tr

require, demand, call for
tarvlig a [enkel] frugal; [billig] cheap;
[pers.,smak] common, vulgar; [-[kvickhet]-] {+[kvick-
het]+} poor -t adv, bära sig ~ ät behave
taskspelare juggler, conjurer
tass paw; -räcka vacker — put out a
paw -3 itr patter, pad -ande, ett ~ a

tassüel, tissel och ~ tittle-tattle -ia itr
tatar Ta[r]tar

tattilare [Scandinavian] gipsy -ar|följe
band of gipsies -erska gipsy woman
tatuerüa tr tattoo -ing tattooing
taveiilgalleri -handlare -ram
picture–galiery (-dealer, -frame) -samling
collection of pictures -utställning
tavi|a 1 picture 2 Eskiva] table;

svarta ~n the blackboard
tax badger-dog, dachshund
taxa table (list) of rates: [for åkning]
fare -meter]bil taxi[cab], taximeter

taxerila tr assess [for taxes] [till at];
Euppskatta] rate, estimate -ing
assessing, assessment -ings | kalender
taxpayers’ directory -ings|längd
assessment-book -ings I värde assessed
value [for taxation purposes]

1 té tea

2 té rfl present itself, appear

teater theatre; stage; spela — have
[amateur] theatricals; [bildl.] make
pretence; gd in vid go on the
stage; gd pd ~n go to the theatre
-affisch playbill -besökare
theatre–goer -biljett theatre-ticket
-dekoration, ~er stage scenery -effekt
stage effect -föreställning theatrical
(theatre-)performance -kikare
opera–glasses Epl.] -program theatre
programme -publik theatre public
-regissör stage manager -seen
theatrical stage -viskning stage whisper
teatralisk a theatrical
teilbjtidning tea-party -bord tea-table
tecken 1 sign [pä of]; [bevis] mark
(token, indication) [pd of]; ett tidens
~ a sign of the times; pä givet —• at a
given sign[al]; visa ~ till show
symptoms of 2 icke ett ~ till not a
vestige of -alfabet sign alphabet
-förklaring interpretation (table) of signs
-språk sign (gesture) language -tydare

teckniia tr itr 1 sign, make signs 2
[skriva] sign, put one’s name down
for; ~ bidrag till subscribe to 3
Erita] draw -are drawer,
draugths-man -ing drawing, sketch
-ingsj-lista subscription-list -ings | lärare
drawing-(art- )master
telldags, vid ~ at tea-time ’dosa

ftea-]caddy -fat saucer
teg piece of ploughed land
tegel brick -bruk brickyard -panna
roofing-(pan-)tile -röd a briek-red
-sten brick -tak tile[d] roof -täckt a
tiled -ugn brick-kiln
tellhuv tea-cosy -kaka tea-cake
-kanna tea-pot -kittel tea-kettle
tekn||ik technique, technic[s] -iker
technician -isk a technical: T~a
högskolan the College of Technology
-olog technology man
tekopp teacup; [mått] teacupful [of]
teküträ teak[wood] -träd teak[-treei
te|kök tea-urn(-kettle)
telefon [ha ~ be on the] telephone;
ringa upp i ~ ring (call) up on the
telephone -adress telephonic
address -apparat telephone [-[apparatus]-] {+[appara-
tus]+} -bud telephone message -era
itr tr telephone -ist [-[telephone-]ope-rator-] {+[telephone-]ope-
rator+} -katalog telephone directory
-kiosk automatic telephone call-box
-ledning telephone-line -lur [-[telephone-]recei-] {+[tele-
phone-]recei+} ver -samtal telephone

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