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conversation -station [telephone]
exchange -stolpe telephone-post

telegraf telegraph; per ~ by wire
-era itr tr telegraph; cable -i
telegraphy -isk a telegraphic -iskt adv
telegraphically; svara ~ wire (cable)
back -ist [female] telegraphist
(telegraph-operator) -kabel
telegraph-cable -kommissarie [telegraph]
sub-office superintendent -ledes adv by
telegraph -station telegraph office
-verk, Kungl. ~et the Royal
Telegraph Service

telegram telegram, F wire; cable; ~
med svar betalt
reply-paid telegram
-blankett telegram-form -byrå
telegraphic agency -kod telegram
(telegraph[ic], cable) code -pojke
telegraph-boy -svar telegraphic (wired,
cabled) reply -taxa telegram rate

tele‖pati telepathy -skop telescope

telning offset; scion

tema 1 ⁅ämne⁆ theme 2 ⁅skol.⁆
composition 3 ~ på ett verb the principal
parts of a verb -bok exercise-book

tempel temple -herre Knight Templar
-skändare temple-desecrator

temperament temperament -s|full a
with temperament (feeling); ⁅häftig⁆
high-tempered, choleric

temper‖atur temperature -era tr
temper -erad a tempered ⁅vin wine⁆;
temperate ⁅klimat climate⁆

temp‖o time; ⁅mus.⁆ tempo; ⁅ridk.⁆
pace -oral a temporal -orär a
temporary -us tense

Temsen npr the [River] Thames

tendens tendency ⁅till to (towards)⁆;
trend -fri a non-tendentious -roman
tendency novel, novel with a purpose

tendentiös a tendentious

tender tender

tendera itr tend ⁅till towards⁆

tenn tin; engelskt ~ pewter -bägare
pewter cup -gruva tin-mine

tennis [lawn-]tennis -plan

tenn|soldat tin soldier

tenor tenor -solo tenor solo

tentakel tentacle, feeler

tent‖amen examination [in private];
muntlig ~ viva -and examinee,
candidate [for examination] -ator
examinator -era itr be examined [in
private] ⁅för by⁆

teolog theologian; ⁅präst⁆ divine;
⁅student⁆ divinity (theological)
student -i theology; ⁅ss. ämne⁆ divinity
-ie, ~ doktor doctor of divinity -isk a

teo‖rem theorem -retisk a theoretical
-ri theory; i ~n in theory

teosof theosophist -i theosophy

terap‖eutisk a therapeutic -i therapy

term term

termin 1 ⁅tidpunkt⁆ stated time, term;
period 2 ⁅skol.⁆ term; under ~en
while term is on

terminologi terminology

terminsavgift term fee[s]

termit termite, white ant

termometer thermometer; då ~n står
på noll
with the mercury at zero

termosflaska thermos flask

terpentin terpentine

terrakotta terra-cotta

terrass terrace -era tr terrace

terrier terrier

terrin tureen

territori‖alvatten territorial waters
⁅pl.⁆ -um territory

terror terror -isera tr terrorize [over]

terräng terrain; förlora ~ ⁅bildl.⁆ lose
ground -löpning cross-country
[running] -ritt cross-country [riding

ters tierce; ⁅mus. äv.⁆ third; ⁅sup⁆
third glass

tertiär a tertiary

te‖rum tearoom -rån tea-wafer

tes thesis

te‖sil tea-strainer -sked teaspoon;
⁅mått⁆ teaspoonful [of] -sort variety
(blend) of tea

testament‖arisk a testamentary -e 1
Gamla, Nya ~t the Old (New)
Testament 2 will; upprätta sitt ~ make
(draw up) one’s will -era tr, ~ ngn
bequeathe a th. to a p., leave a p.
a th. [by will]

testator testator

testikel testicle

tevatten water for the tea

text text; ⁅skol.⁆ [text]book -a tr itr
write text-hand, engross -förklaring
textual interpretation

textil a textile -varor textiles

textning engrossing

tia ten; ⁅sedel⁆ ten-crown note

ticka itr tick

tid time; ⁅period⁆ period, space;
⁅-punkt⁆ hour, date, time; få ~ get
(find) time; har du ~ ett ögonblick?
have you a moment to spare?
beställa ~ hos make an appointment
with; alla ~er på dygnet at all hours
of the day; den nya ~en the new age
(era); för en ~ av for a period of;
för en ~ sedan some time ago; i ~ in
time ⁅för, till for⁆; i ~ och otid in
season and out of season; förr i ~en
formerly; med ~en in [course of]
time; på ~en about time; under ~en
in the meantime; gå ur ~en depart
this life -e|räkning chronology
-e|varv period, epoch, age

tidig a early -are I a earlier;
⁅föregående⁆ previous II adv earlier; at an
earlier hour (&c); ⁅förut⁆ äv.
previously, formerly -ast a adv

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