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~ ofta often enough; ~ många quite

tillräkn‖a I ~ ngn förtjänsten put the
credit down for a p.; ~ ngn skulden
impute (attribute) the blame to a p.
II rfl take (attribute, ascribe) to
o.s.; ~ sig äran av credit o. s. with
-elig a accountable (responsible)
[for one’s actions] -elighet
accountability, responsibility

tillrätta adv se rätta I 1 -lagd a
[specially] arranged to suit .. -skaffa tr
find, bring to light -visa tr reprove;
reprimand, rebuke ⁅för for⁆ -visning
reproof, reprimand, rebuke

till‖s I konj 1 ⁅ända ~⁆ till, until 2
⁅ej senare än⁆ by the time II prep 1
up (down) to ⁅i dag today⁆ 2 ~
until further notice; ~ dato to
date; ~ om lördag until (till, by)
Saturday -sammans adv together
med with⁆; ⁅inalles⁆ altogether, in
all; ⁅gemensamt⁆ jointly; ~ med
along with; vara mycket ~ see a great
deal of each other -sats 1 ⁅-sättande⁆
adding, addition 2 ⁅ngt tillsatt⁆
addition; added ingredient; admixture
⁅äv. bildl.⁆; ⁅krydda i mat⁆ seasoning
-se tr 1 look after, superintend 2
⁅friare⁆ see, find out; ⁅laga⁆ see [to it]
att that⁆ -skansa rfl appropriate for
o.s.; ~ sig makten usurp [the] power
-skott [additional (extra)]
contribution; ⁅friare⁆ addition; access -skriva
tr ⁅bildl.⁆ ascribe II rfl = -räkna II
-skynda tr, ~ ngn en förlust cause
(occasion) a p. a loss

till‖skära tr cut out -skärare
cutter[-out]; ⁅skrädd.⁆ clothier’s cutter
-sluta tr close -slutning = an- -spetsa
tr sharpen, point; ⁅bildl.⁆ bring to a
head; ~d ⁅bildl.⁆ intensified, acute
II rfl ⁅bildl.⁆ reach an acute stage,
become critical

tillspillo adv = [till] spillo -giva tr 1
⁅pris-⁆ sacrifice ⁅åt to⁆ 2 ⁅ge
förlorad⁆ give up as (for) lost, abandon

till‖spord a consulted -spörja tr ask
-stampa tr stamp down -strömning
streaming in; influx; ⁅vätska⁆
inflow; ⁅publik⁆ stream -stunda itr be
at hand, be approaching -stymmelse,
inte en ~ not an atom (a iota) of
-styrka tr recommend, support -stå
tr confess; ⁅medge⁆ admit

tillstånd 1 ⁅tillåtelse⁆ permission,
leave; licence 2 ⁅läge⁆ state
(condition) [of affairs]; i berusat ~ in a
state of intoxication, when under the
influence of drink -s|bevis licence,

tillstädes adv, vara ~ be on the spot,
be present -varande a, de ~ those

till‖ställning 1 ⁅påhitt⁆ business, affair
2 ⁅fest⁆ entertainment -stöta I itr tr
1 join ⁅en expedition an expedition⁆
2 ⁅ägor⁆ adjoin II itr ⁅hända⁆ occur,
happen; ⁅om sjukdom⁆ supervene
-syn, ha ~ över have (exercise) the
superintendence of -synings|man
supervisor (overseer) ⁅för, över of⁆
-säga tr tell; är han -sagd? has he been
summoned? ⁅befalld⁆ has he had
orders [given him]? -sägelse 1
⁅order⁆ order[s]; utan ~ without being
told [to] 2 ⁅tillrättavisning⁆
admonition, reprimand -sända tr, ~ ngn
send (forward) a th. to a p. -sätta
tr 1 add on 2 ⁅kokk.⁆ add, put in 3
~ en person appoint a person ⁅som to⁆

till|tag venture; ⁅okynnigt⁆ prank,
trick; ett djärvt ~ a daring stroke;
-a itr increase; ⁅sjukdom⁆ spread;
-tar med åren grows upon one
-ande I increasing, increase; growth
II a increasing -en a, knappt ~
small in the measurement; ⁅rum⁆
small in size; ⁅mat⁆ scanty in
quantity; väl ~ quite ample -sen a
enterprising; ⁅påhittig⁆ resourceful

tilltal 1 address 2 strängt ~ severe
talking-to -a tr 1 address, speak to; den
~de a
) the person addressed (spoken
to), b) se åtalad 2 ⁅bildl.⁆ appeal to;
⁅om pers.⁆ attract, please -ande a
attractive, pleasing -s|form vocative
form -s|ord word (term) of address

tilltrasslad a entangled; ~e affärer
involved finances

tilltro I credit ⁅till in⁆; vinna ~ hos
gain (win) credence with II tr, ~
ngt⁆ believe a p. capable of, credit
a p. with III rfl, ~ sig att believe
o.s. capable of ⁅ walking⁆

tillträd‖a tr take over; ⁅arv⁆ come
into possession of; ⁅tjänst⁆ enter
[up]on; ~ regeringen take up
(assume) government -e 1 entry ⁅till
into possession of⁆; taking over;
entrance ⁅till ämbetet upon office⁆
2 ⁅inträde⁆ entrance, admission;
~ förbjudet! No Admittance; barn äga
ej ~
children are not admitted; for
adults only

till‖tvinga rfl obtain (secure) by force
-tyga tr, ~ ngn illa use (treat, handle)
a p. roughly; knock a p. about -tänkt
a contemplated; proposed

tillvaratag‖a tr take charge of; look
after; ⁅samla⁆ gather up; ⁅utnyttja⁆
take advantage of, utilize -ande, ~t
the taking charge of

tillvaro existence; kampen för ~n the
struggle for life (for existence)

tillverk‖a tr manufacture, make,
produce -are manufacturer -ning
manufacture, make, production; en ..
av svensk ~
a Swedish-made ..
-nings|pris manufacturer’s price

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