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tillvit||a tr, ~ ngn ngt charge a p. with a
th. -else charge (imputation) [för of]
tillväga adv, gå ~ proceed, go to work
-gångs I sätt course (line) of action,
[mode of] procedure
till|ivälla rfl usurp; [titel] assume
wrongfully -växa itr grow;
accumulate; ~ i antal increase in number - växt
growth [av, i of]; increase [i of (in)]
tillåt||a I tr allow; [samtycka till]
consent to; han -er ingen motsägelse lie
won’t suffer [any] contradiction II
rfl permit (allow) o.s.; take the liberty
-else permission, leave -en a
permitted, allowed; lawful; högsta -na fart the
maximum speed allowed; the speed

tillägg 1 addition; additional
paragraph 2 [löne-] increment, bonus
3 [anmärkning] addendum -a tr add
[till to] -s|avgiff extra fee -s| plats
stopping-(mooring- )place
tillägna I tr, ~ ngn en böle dedicate a
book to a p. II rfl 1 acquire 2 [-[orättfärdigt]-] {+[orätt-
färdigt]+} appropriate [to o.s.]; seize
[upon] -an dedication
tillämna tr intend, have in view
tillämp||a tr apply [pd to]; bring to
bear [på [uplon]; ~ lagen enforce the
law -lig a applicable (relevant) [pä to]
-ning application; äger sin ~ pä is
applicable to
tillökt|a tr add to -ning increasing;
enlargement; increase [i familjen of
(in) the family]; ~ i lönen rise
tillönskl|a tr wish -an wish
timllavlöning payment (wages) [paid]
by the (per) hour -glas

timjan [bot.] [garden] thyme
timlig a temporal; lämna det ~a
depart this life
timlärarlle -inna visiting master

timm||a (-e) hour; [lektion] lesson; ~
efter ~ hour after (by) hour; i ~w an
hour; per ~ per (by the) hour
timmer timber, lumber -avverkning
log-cutting -huggare tree-(wood-)
feller, logger, lumberer -lass timber
load -man carpenter -ränna flume,
log-shoot -stock log, piece of timber;
dra ~ar [bildl.] Fbe drivingone’s hogs
to market -yxa woodman’s axe
timotej [-gräs] timothy [-grass]
timlipenning hour’s (hour-)wage;
arbeta för ~ work on the hour-rate
basis -plan time-table
timra I tr, ~ [ihop (u-pp)) build
(construct) [of logs] II itr do carpentry,

timllslång a of an hour’s duration
(length) -tal, i ~ for hours [and
hours], by the hour together -vis adv
by the hour -visare hour (small) hand

1 tina tub, bin

2 tina i itr thaw [äv. bildl.], melt; ~
upp become less reserved II tr thaw,

tindra itr twinkle, sparkle, scintillate
ting 1 [hist.] thing 2 [jur.] [-[district–court]-] {+[district-
-court]+} sessions [pl.] "3 thing;
matter; [föremål] object; saker och ~
things; de yttre ~en outward things
tinga tr order [beforehand (in [-advance)];-] {+ad-
vance)];+} [pers.] retain, secure
tingest tiling; [föremål] object
tingslldag sessions-day" -hus [district]
court-house -sal [district-court]
sessions-hall; assize-court
tinktur tincture
tinn|e summit; -ar battlements
tinning temple

tio räkn ten; jfr fem- -dubbel a tenfold
-dubbla tr multiply by ten -kamp
[sport.] decathlon -nde I räkn tenth
II ge ~ pay tithes (the tithe) -n[de ]dei
tenth; ~en the (a) tenth part [of]
-punds |sedel ten-pound note -tal,
[[the] number] ten; ett ~ about
(some) ten, ten or so -tusen räkn ten
thousand -tusentals tens of
thousands -åri[nig [a] ten-year-old
-ars|-dag tenth anniversary [uv of]

1 tipp [spets] tip [av (på) of]

2 tipp [-ningsplats] tip

1 tippa tr [stjälpa] tip, dump

2 tippa tr [sport.] tip; ~ som vinnare
spot as the (a) winner

1 tippning tipping; ~ förbjuden! no
tipping allowed!

2 tippning winner-spotting

tips [pl.] tips; ge några ~ give a tip
tisdag Tuesday -s|soppa potato-soup
tistel thistle

tistelstång pole [of a (the) vehicle]
titan Titan -isk a Titanesque; titanic
titel title; bära ~n . . have the title
of . . -blad title-page -roll title-röle
-vinjett head-piece

1 titt. adv, ~ och tätt repeatedly, over
and over again

2 titt 1 [blick] look; glance, peep; ta
sig en ~ pd have a look at 2 [besök]
call [Aos on; på at]; tack för ~en.’
kind of you to look me up! -a itr
peep, look, glance [igenom through;
på at]; ~ fram peep out (forth); ~
in look (peep) in -glugg
spy-hole(–window) -hål peep-hole -ut, leka ~
play [at] bo-peep

titulilera tr style, call; hur ~s han?
how is he [to be] addressed -är a
titular; titulary, nominal
tiyoli [open-air] place of amusement
tjat[a] =kält[a]

tjeck Czech -isk a Czech[ish]
tjo itj hey[day]! [heigh-]ho
tjock a thick; [pers.] stout; chubby
[barn child]; Etät] dense [rök

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