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— 190 —


topas topaz

topografi topography -isk o

1 topp itj done! agreed! [it is] a

2 topp 1 top; [friare] pinnacle, peak,
apex; från ~ till tå from top to toe,
from head to foot; med flaggan i ~
with (flying) the flag aloft 2 loaf
£socker of sugar] -a tr top -formig a
conical -kurs [börs.] top (peak) rate
(course of exchange) -mast topmast
-mössa pointed cap -socker

torde will; ni ~ observera you will
please (kindly) observe; det ~ finnas
there are (is) probably; det — vara av
vikt it would 6eem to be of importance
tordyvel dor-(dung-)beetle, scarab
tordön thunder -sjröst voice of

torftig a poor; needy [omständigheter
circumstances]; [tarvlig] plain -het
poorness; neediness; plainness -t adv
poorly [klädd dressed]; scantily
[utrustad equipped]
torg 1 [salu-] market-place; gå pd
~et go [outl marketing; pd ~et in
the market[-place] 2 [plats] square
-dag (-fru) market-day (-woman)
-föra tr [take (bring) to] market
-handel market-trading, marketing
-kasse (-korg) market[ing]-satchel
(-basket) -stånd market-stall
tork = -ning 1 - al [en svår a severe]
drought II tr 1 dry; get dry 2 [-[av-~]-] {+[av-
~]+} wipe [händerna one’s hands]; —
disken dry the washed-up things
(the dishes); ~ näsan wipe one’s nose
III itr [get] dry; ~ bort get dried up,
wither; ~ fast dry and stick; ~ ihop
dry up IV rfl dry o.s., wipe o.s.
[dry]; — sig i ansiktet wipe one’s
face; ~ dig om munnen, näsan! use
your napkin (handkerchief)! -ad
a, ~ frukt dried fruit -hus
drying–house -lina clothes-line -ning 1
drying 2 wiping -ugn

1 torn [på växt] spine, thorn

2 torn tower, [kyrk-] steeple; [-[schackpjäs]-] {+[schack-
pjäs]+} castle; rook; försedd med ~
towered -a tr, ~ upp sig pile itself
&c up; [bildh] tower aloft

tornado tornado

tornera itr tourney, joust, tilt -ering

tournament, tourney
tornister knapsack; [för häst] feed-

torn klocka 1 tower(&c)-bell 2
tower–clock -spets top (apex) of a (the)
steeple -spira spire; steeple -svala
[common] swift -ur tower(&c)-clock
torp croft[er’s holding] -are crofter,

torped torpedo -båt torpedo-boat

-era tr torpedo -ering torpedoing
torr a dry; parched [earth jord]; arid
[mark ground]; ~a siffror bald
figures; ~ stil prosy style; varken vått
eller ~t neither bite nor sup; pd ~a
land on dry land; vara pd det ~a
Ebildl.] be on terra firma; ha sitt pd
det ~a not stand to lose anything
-dooka & dry dock -fisk dried fish
-het dryness; aridity -hosta I dry
cough II itr have [got] a dry cough
-lagd a drained -lägga tr drain
-läggning draining, drainage -mjölk
desiccated milk -[r]olighet drollness,
dry wit (humour); ~er drily witty
remarks -skodd a dryshod; with dry
feet -t adv drily; förvaras to be
stored in a dry place! koka ~ boil dry
torsdag Thursday

1 torsk Eläk.] thrush

2 torsk cod[fish]

tortllera tr torture -yr torture [för to];
undergå ~ be tortured -yr | kammare
torture-chamber -yr|redskap means
(implement) of torture
torv 1 [geol.] peat 2 [gräs] sod, turf
-a 1 [piece (sod) ofl turf 2 den egna
~n one’s own plot of land; bunden
vid ~n bound to the soil -brikett
turf-brick -lägga tr turf, sod -mosse
peat-bog(-moss, -moor) -mull
peat–mould(-moss litter) -myr
peat–mar8h -strö peat (moss) litter -tak
turf-roof -täcka tr sod; [cover with]

tota itr, ~ till try to fix up
total a total; entire, complete -belopp
[sum] total -bild comprehensive
picture -förbud total prohibition
-intryck general impression -isator
tovlla I twisted (tangled, matted)
knot [of] II tr, ~ ihop ravel, tangle
-ig o snarled; tangled, matted
toxin toxin

trade & [shipping-]route

tradition tradition -ell a traditional

-s|bunden a tradition-tied
trafik traffic; upprätthålla ~en keep
the [train (&c)] service[s] going
-abel a trafficable -ant passenger
-bil [vanh] taxicab, taxi -era tr use,
frequent: livligt ~de
much-frequented -flygplan civilian air-route
aeroplane -frekvens traffic density
-hinder obstacle to [the] traffic -kultur
traffic ethics [pl.] -led traffic route
-olycka traffic casualty (&c): street
accident -pulsåder artery of traffic
-reglemente traffic instructions Eph]
tragedi tragedy -enn tragedienne
traggla itr go on Eom about]; ~ igenom

plod through
trag||ik tragic art; ~en i the tragedy of

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