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-iker tragedian -i|komisk a
tragicomic[al] -isk a tragical

trakasser‖a tr harass, worry, pester
-i pestering; harassment[s]; worry

trakt district; part of the country;
här i ~en in this neighbourhood; i
dessa ~er
in these parts (regions)

trakta itr, ~ efter aspire to, aim at; ~
efter ngns liv
seek a p.’s life

traktan se diktan

traktat treaty; ⁅skrift⁆ tract

trakter‖a tr 1 treat ⁅med to⁆; känna sig
feel flattered 2 ~ ett instrument
play an instrument -ing treating,

traktor tractor

trall melody, tune; F ditty

1 tralla trolley

2 tralla itr tr warble, troll

tramp tramping -a I pedal II itr tr
tramp ⁅omkring about⁆; ~ ngn på
tread on a p.’s foot; ~ ihjäl
trample to death; ~ sönder tread
(step, trample) on and smash -dyna
matrix -kvarn treadmill

trampolin [high-diving] spring-board
-hopp [spring-board] high dive

trams F nonsense, rubbish, drivel

tran whale (train-)oil

trana crane

tranbär cranberry

tranchera tr carve

trans trance; vara i ~ be in a trance

transaktion transaction

transform‖ator transformator -era tr

transit transit -era tr pass (convey)
through [a (the) country]; pass in
transit -ering the passing
(conveyance) of .. through (&c)

transitiv a transitive

transito adv through, for through

transkribera tr transcribe

trans‖marin a transmarine; oversea
-mission transmission -ocean[i]sk a
transoceanic -parang transparency
-ponera tr ⁅mus.⁆ transpose

transport 1 transport[ation],
conveyance 2 ⁅hand.⁆ transfer; ⁅i
bokföring⁆ carried (brought) forward 3
⁅tjänstemans⁆ transler[ence]; söka ~
apply for removal -abel a
transportable -era tr 1 transport; convey,
carry 2 transfer; carry (bring)
forward 3 transfer, remove -försäkring
goods-in-transit insurance -kostnad
cost of transportation (&c); carriage
-väsen transporting,

trapets trapeze; ⁅geom.⁆ trapezium

trapp‖a 1 [flight of] stairs; staircase;
två -or upp on the second floor; en ~
högre upp
one flight [of stairs] higher
up; i ~n on the stairs; gå uppför ~n
walk up the stairs (upstairs) 2
ladder -avsats landing; platform
-formig a stair[case ]-like; stepped -gavel
stepped gable -steg step; nästa ~
⁅bildl.⁆ the next stage (stepping-stone)
-stege foot(step)-ladder -uppgång

tras‖a I rag; piece (bit) of rag; känna
sig som en ~
feel limp [and washed
out]; i -or in rags II tr, ~ sönder
tear [in]to rags (⁅bildl.⁆ to shreds)
-bylte, ett riktigt ~ a regular bundle
of rags -docka rag-doll -grann a
[shoddy and] gaudy; ⁅pers.⁆ cheaply
and gaudily dressed -hank
tatterdemalion, ragamuffin -ig a ragged,
tattered; ⁅sönderbruten⁆ broken;
vara ~ be in two (in pieces);
maskinen är ~ the engine is out of order;
med ~a strumpor with holes in one’s
(&c) stockings

traska itr trudge ⁅i väg off⁆

trasmatta rag-rug; rag-strip carpet

trassel 1 ⁅bomulls-⁆ [cotton] waste
2 tangle; ⁅bildl.⁆ muddle, confusion,
complications ⁅pl.⁆; det är något ~
there is some awkwardness
(bother) about -sudd ball (tuft) of
cotton waste

trass‖ent ⁅hand.⁆ drawer [of a (the)
bill] -era tr itr draw [bills [of

trassl‖a I itr tr, ~ in sig get o.s.
(itself) entangled; ~ till get .. into
disorder II rfl get entangled -ig a tangled;
entangled; confused, muddled

trast thrush

tratt funnel

1 tratta ⁅hand.⁆ [drawn] bill [of

2 tratta tr, ~ ngt i öronen på ngn din a
th. into a p.’s ears

trattformig a funnel-shaped, funnelled

trav trot; i [skarpt] ~ at a [sharp]
trot; hjälpa ngn på ~en give a p. a

1 trava tr, ~ upp pile up, stack up

2 trav‖a itr trot ⁅fram along⁆ -are
trotter; trotting-horse

trave pile (stack) [of]

trav‖sport trotting -tävling

tre räkn three ⁅jfr fem-⁆; alla ~ all
three, all [the] three of them; alla
goda ting äro ~
all good things are
three in number; ~ och ~ three at a
time, by (in) threes -a three -dela tr
trisect; divide in three

tredje räkn third (3rd); resa [i] ~
travel third class; vara ~ man
make a third -del third [part]; två
two thirds -klassist se andra-

tredsk‖a refractoriness -ande a
contumacious -as dep be refractory

tredubb|el a threefold; det -la [priset]

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