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treble (three times) the amount

treenig a triune; den ~e Guden the
Three in One -het triunity, trinity

tre‖faldig a threefold, triplicate, treble
-faldighet Trinity -falt adv thrice
-fas- three-phase -fot tripod -hjuling
three-wheeler -hundra räkn three
hundred ⁅jfr fem--kant triangle
-kantig a triangular; ~ hatt cocked
(three-cornered) hat -klang triad -kvarts
a, under ~ timme [for] three-quarters
of an hour -ledad a three-jointed

trema diæresis

tremaktsförbund triple alliance

tremulera itr sing with a tremolo,

trenne räkn three

trepanera tr trepan, trephine

tre‖procentig a three-per-cent -snibb
triangular[-shaped] cloth (&c)
-språkig a trilingual; in three
languages -stavig a three-syllabled
-stegs|hopp hop-step-and-jump -struken
a ⁅mus.⁆ thrice-accented(-marked)
-takt three-bar -tal triad; det heliga
the sacred number three -talig a
triple -tiden, vid ~ [at] about three

tretti‖[o] räkn thirty; kl. sex och ~ at
six thirty -onde räkn thirtieth
-on[de]del thirtieth

tretton räkn thirteen -dag, ~en
Twelfth Day -dags|afton, ~en
Twelfth Night -de räkn thirteenth

tre‖tums three-inch -tusen räkn three
thousand -udd trident -uddig a
three-pointed; ⁅gaffel⁆ three-pronged

trev‖a I itr grope [about] ⁅efter for⁆;
~ i mörkret go groping about
(around) in the darkness; ~ på ngt
feel a th. [gropingly] all over II rfl,
~ sig fram
grope one’s way along
-ande I groping ⁅efter after⁆ II a
groping, fumbling; ⁅bildl.⁆ tentative
III adv gropingly &c; tentatively,
by way of a feeler -are, kasta fram
en ~
throw out a feeler

trevlig a ⁅angenäm⁆ pleasant;
agreeable; nice ⁅flicka girl⁆; enjoyable
tid time⁆; ett ~t rum a pleasant
(nice) room; det var en ~ historia!
that’s a nice story [and no mistake]!
vi hade mycket ~t we had a very nice
(jolly) time [of it], we enjoyed
ourselves very much -t adv pleasantly,
agreeably; nicely; bo ~ have got a
nice (&c) home

trevnad comfort [and contentment];
sense of well-being

tre‖våningshus three-storey house
-väppling trefoil leaf -årig a
three-year[s’]; ~t barn three-year-old
child; ~ växt triennial -åring, en ~
a child of three [years of age]; ~[ar]
⁅om hästar⁆ three-year-old[s] -års a
= -årig

triang‖el triangle -ulär a triangular

tribun platform, tribune -al tribunal

tribut tribute -skyldig a tributary

trick trick

trigonometr‖i trigonometry -isk a

trikin trichina -fri a non-trichinized

trikolor, ~en the tricolour [flag]

trikå tricot, stockinet[te]; ~er tights
-affär knitted-goods business; hosiery
shop -dräkt knitted costume -fabrik
knitted-goods (hosiery-)factory -tage
stockinette goods,
hosiery-goods; knitted wear

1 trilla I itr roll, drop, fall II tr roll,

2 trilla surrey

trilling triplet

trilogi trilogy

trilsk a contrary, awkward; wilful -as
itr dep be (turn) contrary (&c) -het

trim‖ma tr trim; get .. into trim -ning
trimming, trim

trind a round[-shaped], roundish;
rotund -het roundness; rotundity

trio trio

1 tripp [short] trip; göra en ~ till go
[for] a trip to

2 tripp, ~ trapp trull tit-tat-toe -a itr
trip (go tripping) along; walk with
mincing steps

tripplett three-room[ed] suite (flat)

trissa trundle, [small] wheel; ⚙
pulley; ⁅stol-⁆ castor

trist I a gloomy, dismal; ⁅pers.⁆
melancholy, sad; ~a förhållanden
depressing (dreary) conditions II adv
gloomily (&c) -ess gloominess &c;

triumf triumph ⁅för for⁆ -ator
triumphator -båge triumphal arch -era itr
triumph -erande a triumphing,
triumphant -rop shout (cry) of triumph
-tåg triumphal procession

triv|as itr dep get on; jag kommer att ~
I shall be happy (feel thoroughly
at home) here; hur -s ni i ..? how do
you like living in ..?

trivial a trivial; commonplace -itet
triviality; commonplaceness

triv‖sam a, en ~ person a person who
is easy to get on with; ~ anda
homish atmosphere -samhet
congeniality; homishness -sel = trevnad

tro I 1 belief ⁅ in⁆; ⁅relig.⁆ faith ⁅
in⁆; den kristna ~n the Christian faith
(creed); sätta ~ till believe; leva i den
~n att
be in the belief that; i god ~
bona fide, in good faith 2 svära ngn ~
och loven
give a p. one’s plighted word
II tr itr 1 believe; trust ⁅sina egna öron
one’s own ears⁆; think, suppose;

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