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— 193 —


det ~s allmänt it is a general belief;
ja, jag ~r det yes, I believe so; nej,
det ~~r jag inte no, I believe (think)
not; no, I don’t think so; det ~r jag
det! I should just think so! rather!
. . ~r jag . . 1 fancy (think); jag
kunde just ~ det! I thought as much!
kan jag ~ I expect (dare say);
~ ngn om gott expect well of a p.;
må ni ~ / I can tell you! you may be
sure! 2 ~ pd believe in [Gud God];
~ pd ngt trust to (put trust in, give
credit to) a th. Ill rfl think o.s.
[säker safe]; ~ sig vara begåvad think
(believe) that one is (think o.s.,
consider o.s. to he) clever; ~ sig om
believe o.s. capable of [att se seeing]
troende a believing; en [sann] ~ a
[true] believer; i ~ familj in a
Christian family
trofast I a faithful; loyal [vänskap
friendship]; true (constant) [vän
friend] II adv faithfully & c -het
faithfulness &c; loyalty, constancy
trofé trophy

trogen a faithful; loyal [undersåte
subject]; förbli ~ sin föresats remain
true to one’s resolve; sin vana ~
true to habit
trohet fidelity; faithfulness; loyalty
-s [brott breach of faith -s|ed oath of
allegiance: svära ngn ~ swear
allegiance to a p. -siplikt allegiance
trohjärtad a true-hearted; confiding

[sätt manner]
trok||é trochee -eisk a trochaic
trolig a probable, likely: det är ~t att
han kommer he will probably come;
hålla för ~t think it likely -en -tvis
adv in all probability
troll troll; hobgoblin; [odjur] ogre;
ditt lilla you little witch! -a itr
conjure [bort away; fram forth];
perform (do) conjuring [tricks!; tror
du jag kan do you expect me to
work (do) magic? -dorn witchcraft,
sorcery -doms|konst, ~en [the art of]
witchcraft (&c) -dryck magic potion
-eri magic, enchantment
-eri[konstnär [professional] conjurer -formel
magic formula; charm, spell[-word]
-karl magician, wizard; sorcerer,
enchanter -konst 1 ~er magic
2 C-erikonstnärs] conjuring (jugglery)
trick -kraft magic power -krets 1
Eeg. bet.] charmed circle 2 Ebildl.]
magic sphere; spell -kunnig a [who
is] skilled in the magician’s (&c)
art -kvinna -packa witch, sorceress
-slag, som genom ett ~ as if by [a
stroke of] magic -slända dragon-fly
-spö -stav magio (magician’s) rod
(wand) -trumma troll-drum -tyg
witchery, sorcery
trolov||a rfl become betrothed [med

to] -ad a., hans ~e his betrothed
-ning betrothal
trolsk a magic[al]; bewitching
trolös a faithless (unfaithful) [mot to];
disloyal (treacherous) [mot to [-(towards)]-] {+(to-
wards)]+} -het faithlessness (&c)
tromb 1 tornado 2 fläk.] thrombus
tron throne; störta frän ~en dethrone
-a itr be [enlthroned [på on]
-arvinge heir to the throne -avsägelse
abdication [of the throne (crown)]
-bestigning accession [to the throne]
-följare successor to the (a) throne
(crown); heir apparent -följd order
of succession to the throne -himmel
canopy -sal throne-room -skifte
demise of the crown -tal speech from
the throne, King’s (&c) speech
tropllik tropic; ~erna the Tropics, the
Tropic Zone -ik|hjälm pith helmet
-isk a tropic
tropp troop; section; fgymn.] squad
-a itr, ~ av move off [från from];
drop off -chef troop (section, squad)
commander -vis adv by troops (&c)
trosllartikel article of faith; doctrine
-bekännelse confession of [one’s]
faith; [tro] creed -frihet religious
liberty -frände brother in the faith,
fellow-believer -iver religious zeal
tro I skyldig = -hjärtad
tros|lära [religious] doctrine of faith,

1 tross hawser [-laid rope]

2 tross X baggage, wag[g]on-train;
—en the baggage-department

trosllsak matter of religious belief
-samfund religious community -sats

tross|botten double floor[ing]
trosskusk baggage-[train ]driver
trosllstark a firm (steadfast) in the
(one’s) faith -strid religious
controversy -viss a full of (breathing)
implicit faith -visshet certainty of
belief -vittne confessor; [martyr]

trotjänar|le -inna faithful old servant
trots I defiance [mot of]; obstinacy
Emot to (towards)]; visa ~ be
defiant; i ~ av in spite of II prep in
spite of; notwithstanding; despite
-a tr itr defy; brave [stormen the
storm] -ig a defiant; refractory; [-Estyv-sint]-] {+Estyv-
sint]+} stubborn, obstinate -ighet
refractoriness &c
trottoar [foot-]pavement; [foot]path
-kant curb(kerb)f-stone] -servering
pavement restaurant
trovärdig a credible; deserving of
belief; från ~i håll from a reliable
quarter; ett ~t rykte a
well-authenticated report -het credibility &c
trubadur troubadour; minstrel
trubb||a tr, ~ av blunt -ig a blunt;

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