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man whether one ..⁆ -samhet
hesitativeness, irresolution, indecision;

tve|könad a bisexual, hermaphrodite

tvenne räkn two

tve‖stjärt earwig -talan, beslå ngn med
convict a p. of self-contradiction
-tydig a ambiguous; equivocal ⁅skämt
joke⁆; suspicious ⁅individ individual⁆
-tydighet ambiguity, indecency

tvilling twin -broder twin-brother
-par pair of twins, twin pair -syskon
twin brothers and sisters; ⁅om två⁆
a brother and [a] sister who are twins

tvina itr languish (pine) ⁅bort away⁆

tving‖a I tr force ⁅ngn till ngt a p. to do
a th.⁆; compel ⁅till eftergifter to
concessions⁆; make ⁅ngn i säng a p. go
to bed⁆ II rfl, ~ sig till att force o.s.
to; ~ sig igenom force one’s way
through -ande a compelling,
coercive, compulsory; en ~ nödvändighet
a matter of [urgent] necessity; utan
~ skäl
without urgent reasons

tvinna tr twine, twist

tvist dispute, controversy; ligga i ~
be at strife -a itr dispute -e|fråga
question in dispute -e|frö seed of
dissension -ig a disputable, open to

tvivel doubt; det råder intet ~ därom
there is no doubt [whatever] about
that; ~ underkastat open (subject) to
doubt; utan ~ without any doubt;
utan ~! no doubt! undoubtedly!
-aktig a doubtful, dubious; suspicious

tvivl‖a itr, ~ på ngt doubt a th., be
doubtful about a th. -ande a
incredulous, sceptical -are doubter

tvungen a forced; compelled, obliged;
constrained ⁅leende smile⁆

1 två tr, jag ~r mina händer I wash
my hands of it

2 två räkn two; ~ och ~ two and
two; kl. halv ~ at half past one -a
two -bent a two-legged -faldig a
twofold -hundra räkn two hundred

tvål soap -ask soap-case -bit piece of
soap -fager a glossy-faced -flingor
soap-flakes -ig a soapy -kopp
soap-dish(-cup) -lödder soap lather
-vatten soapy water, soap-suds ⁅pl.⁆

två‖mans- for two [men (persons)];
double ⁅-säng bed⁆

tvång compulsion, coercion,
constraint; bruka ~ mot use force
against -fri a free from constraint;

tvångs‖arbete forced (compulsory)
labour -föreställning compulsorily
induced idea -förfarande coercive
proceeding -läge, i ~ in an
emergency situation -mata tr subject to
forced feeding -rekrytering
conscription -tröja
strait-waistcoat(-jacket) -uppfostran reformatory
upbringing -uppfostrings|anstalt reformatory
-åtgärd, tillgripa ~er resort to

två‖språkig a bilingual -spänd a, ~
two-horse carriage; carriage and
pair -stavig a two-syllabled(-syllable)
-struken a two-marked -stämmig a
for two voices -stämmigt a, sjunga
sing in two parts -vingar ⁅zool.⁆,
~na the dipterans

tvär I a square ⁅i tån at the toe⁆; steep
backe rise⁆; abrupt ⁅förändring
change⁆; blunt (brusque) ⁅sätt
manners⁆; ett ~t avslag a point-blank
refusal; en ~ krök an abrupt (a sharp)
turn II s, på ~en crosswise; sätta sig
på ~en
⁅pers.⁆ be cross-grained, turn
obstinate -a tr itr go across, cross
-bjälke transverse (cross-)beam -brant
a precipitous -gata cross-street;
första ~n till höger first [turn] on
your (to the) right! -genomskärning
transverse (cross-)section -hand
hand’s breadth -huggen a squared
[with an axe] -linje transverse
(diagonal) line -randig a cross-striped,

tvärs, ~ över right (straight) through
(across); gå ~ över gatan cross the

tvär‖skepp transept -snitt transverse
(cross-)section -stanna itr stop dead,
come to a dead stop -säker a
cock-sure; positive -säkerhet
cocksureness &c

tvärt adv squarely; abruptly &c;
komma ~ come at once (immediately)
-emot adv quite contrary to -om adv
on the contrary; eller ~ or the other
way about (round), or vice versa;
alldeles ~ exactly the opposite
(reverse); snarare ~ rather the reverse

tvär‖vigg contrary person; cross-patch
-vägg transverse [partition-]wall

tvätt wash, washing; kemisk ~
chemical (dry) cleaning; i ~en at (in) the
wash; skicka i ~en send to the wash
(the laundry) -a I tr wash; tål att ~s
will stand washing; ~ upp ngt get a
th. washed, put a th. through a
dab-wash II rfl wash [o.s.]; ~ sig i
wash one’s face -balja
washing-tub -bar a washable -björn racoon,
wash-bear -borste (-bräde)
washing-brush (-board) -erska
washerwoman; laundress -fat [wash-hand]
basin -inrättning laundry; kemisk ~
dry-cleaning establishment -kar
washing-tub, washtub -kläder
clothes for the wash -klämma
clothes-peg -korg clothes-basket -lapp
washing-flannel -medel washing-material;
lotion, wash -ning washing; wash
-nota laundry list -påse soiled-linen

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