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bag -rum washing-room; ⁅toal.⁆
lavatory -siden washing silk
-skinns|handske washleather glove -stuga
washhouse -ställ washstand;
⁅väggfast⁆ lavatory-basin -vante
toilet-glove -vatten water for washing -äkta
a fast; washable

1 ty konj for

2 ty rfl, ~ sig till ngn attach o.s.
(cling) to a p.

tyck‖a I itr tr think; consider; ~ om
like (be fond of) ⁅att läsa reading⁆;
just inte ~ om not be very fond of,
not particularly care for; inte ~ illa
not dislike, rather like II rfl, ~
sig vara
think that one is, fancy
(imagine) o.s. to be; ~ sig ngt vara think
o.s. somebody, think no end of o.s.
-as itr dep seem; det -s mig att it
seems to me that (as if, as though) -e
opinion; i mitt ~ to my mind, in
my opinion 2 fatta ~ för take a liking
to 3 ha ett visst ~ av bear a certain
resemblance to -mycken a fastidious

tyd‖a I tr interpret; solve ⁅gåtor
riddles⁆; ~ allt till det bästa put the best
construction on everything II itr, ~
indicate; denote, point to;
ingenting -er på att there is nothing to
show that -bar a interpretable

tydlig a plain ⁅spår efter traces of⁆; clear
mening meaning⁆; marked ⁅change
förändring⁆; ⁅uppenbar⁆ obvious,
evident; ~ stil legible hand; ~a bevis
distinct proofs of -en adv
evidently, obviously &c -het plainness
&c; för ~ens skull for the sake of
clearness &c -t adv plainly &c;
uttrycka sig ~ be explicit ⁅om about⁆

tydning interpreting &c;

tyfoid|feber enteric (typhoid) fever

tyfon typhoon

tyfus typhus [fever]

tyg material, stuff; cloth; fabric; allt
vad ~en hålla
at the top of one’s

tyg‖el rein; bridle; ge hästen fria -lar
give the horse its head; hålla ngt i -eln
hold a th. in check -el|lös a
unbridled, licentious (wild) ⁅levnadssätt
living⁆ -el|löshet unbridled
behaviour; licentiousness -la I tr rein [in];
bridle, curb, restrain, check II rfl
restrain o.s., curb one’s desires &c

tyg‖packe roll of cloth -remsa strip of
cloth -sko cloth shoe -sort [kind of]
cloth -stycke length of cloth &c

tyll bobbinet; tulle -spets, ~ar net
lace ⁅sing.⁆

tyna itr languish (pine) ⁅bort away⁆

tyng‖a tr itr weigh (press) heavily
[up]on⁆; -d av sorg weighed
down with (by) grief -ande a heavy,
weighty; burdensome ⁅utgift expense⁆

tyngd weight; heaviness; årens ~ the
burden of [the (one’s)] years -kraft,
~en the force of gravitation
-lyftning putting of the weight -punkt
centre of gravity; ⁅bildl.⁆ main
point; ~en ligger i the preponderating
importance of .. is

tyng‖re a heavier &c -st I a heaviest
&c II adv most heavily

typ type ⁅för of⁆; ~en för en a typical ..
-isk a typical ⁅för of⁆ -ograf
typographer -ografisk a typographical

tyrann tyrant -i tyranny -isera tr
tyrannize over -isk a tyrannical,

tyrol‖are Tyrolian (Tyrolese) [man]
-er|dräkt (-er|hatt) Tyrolese costume

tysk I a German II s German jfr

tyst I a silent; still; ⁅lugn⁆ quiet ⁅street
gata⁆; tacit ⁅överenskommelse
agreement⁆; mental ⁅förbehåll reservation⁆;
var ~! keep quiet! be silent! II adv
silently &c -a tr silence -het silence;
quietness; i ~ in secrecy, secretly
-hets|löfte promise of secrecy -låten a
taciturn, silent; uncommunicative
-låtenhet taciturnity; silence -na itr
become silgnt; ⁅om ljud⁆ cease, stop
-nad silence; förbigå med ~ pass over
in silence

tyvärr adv unfortunately; ~ inte I am
afraid not

toe; gå, stå på ~ walk (stand) on
one’s toes (on tiptoe)

1 tåg rope

2 tåg 1 ⚔ march[ing]; ⁅fest- &c⁆
procession 2 train; byta ~ change
trains; med ~ by train; åka ~ travel
by train; stiga på ~et get (step) into
the train; när går ~et? when does
the train start? när kommer ~et?
when will the train be in?

1 tåga 1 filament, thread 2 ⁅bildl.⁆
nerve, sinew; stamina

2 tåga itr march; walk in procession
genom through⁆; ~ vidare proceed

tåg‖förbindelse train-connection
-missöde train-mishap -möte crossing of
trains -olycka railway-accident
-ombyte change of trains -ordning,
Kungl. M:ts nådiga ~ the
slow-coach methods of government
departments -personal train staff
-resa train-journey -sätt, ett ~ på a
train of -tid, ~erna the times of the
trains -tidtabell railway time-table;
⁅bok⁆ railway-guide -urspårning

tå‖gångare digitigrades ⁅pl.⁆ -hätta
toe-cap -hävning rising on the (one’s)

tåla tr bear, endure; stand; suffer;
jag tål honom inte I can’t bear (stand,

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