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— 199 —


put up with) him; bör icke ~s ought
not to be tolerated; ~ motsägelse
suffer (stand) contradiction; jag tål
inte vid hummer lobster disagrees
with me; saken tål att tänka pä the
matter requires thinking about (over)
(is worth considering); . . tål intet
uppskov brooks no delay; ~ att
diskuteras merit discussion
tålamod patience; ha ~ have
(exercise) patience; be patient (show
forbearance) -s I prov, ett riktigt ~ a real
trial to (of) the (one’s) patience
-s I prövande a trying to the patience
tålllig -modig a patient; long-suffering
-ighet -modighet patience -s, ge sig
till ~ have patience

1 tång, en ~ a pair of tongs

2 tång seaweed -bank bank of seaweed
tår 1 tear; fälla ~ar shed tears;

röra till ~ar move to tears 2 en ~
kaffe a few drops of coffee -ad a
filled with tears -dränkt a tearful
-flöde flood of tears -fylld a filled
with tears; tearful -gas tear-gas,
lachrymatory [gas] -kanal -körtel
lachrymal canal (gland) -lös a
tearless; med ~a ögon dry-eyed -pil
weeping willow
tårtila cake -bit slice (piece) of cake

-papper cake-doyley
tår|ögd a with tears in one’s eyes
tå I spets tip (point) of a (the) toe
tåt piece (bit) of string
täck a pretty [flicka girl]; comely,

täcküa tr cover [med with]; supply
[sina behov av one’s need of]; för att
~ bristen på to meet the lack of
-ande covering; till ~ av for
defraying (in defrayment of) [the expenses
utgifterna] -dika tr drain by covered
drains -dike covered drain,
sub–drain -e cover[ing]; [säng~]
counterpane, coverlet -else cover[ing];
dra ett ~ över draw a veil over
-mantel, under vänskapens ~ under the
cloak (guise, mask) of friendship
-ning covering; [hand.] cover -t a
covered; ~ bil closed car -vagn
close[d] carriage -vinge wing-cover
tälja carve, cut
täljare numerator

täljükniv jack-knife -sten soapstone
tält tent -a itr 1 pitch one’s tent 2
[bo i tält] camp, live a tent-life -duk
tent-cloth -lina tent-cord -läger
[tented] camp, camp of tents -pinne
tent-peg -stol camp-stool -stång
tent-pole -säng tent (camp) bed
tämja tr tame; domesticate
tämlig a tolerable, passable -en adv
tolerably [bra good]; fairly [kallt
cold; ofta often]; rather [ilia bad]
tändl|a tr light; turn on [elektriska

ljuset the electric light]; ~ eld pd
set fire to -ande a lighting &c; den
~ gnistan the igniting spark; ett ~
tal a stimulating (stirring) speech
-ning lighting, igniting; © ignition
-sats X exploding composition;
igniter -sticka match; tända en ~
strike a match -sticks |ask match-box
-sticks|fodral match-box case -stift
striker, firing-pin; [på bil] [-spark-[ing]-plug-] {+spark-
tänjlla tr stretch -bar a stretchable;

tänkila I itr think; consider, reflect;
det var det jag -te! just as I thought!
I thought as much! tänk bara! only
think (fancy )1 ~ på ngt think of
(about) a th.; reflect (meditate)
upon (about) a th.; consider a th.;
det är inte att ~ på there’s no thinking
of that; that is not to be thought of;
jag kom att ~ på the thought
occurred to me; ~ ejter think, reflect,
consider II tr intend (propose)
[göra to do; doing]; vad -er du nu
göra? what are yougoingto do
(thinking of doing) now? Ill rfl 1 imagine,
fancy; jag har -t mig att my idea
is that; det låter ~ sig att it is
conceivable that; kan man ~ sig! well,

1 never! ~ sig en möjlighet conceive
of a possibility 2 se ämna -ande I
thinking, meditation, cogitation,
reflection, thought II a, an ~
människa a thoughtful person; ett ~
väsen a reasoning (rational) being
-are thinker, speculator -bar a
thinkable; conceivable; imaginable
-e|språk maxim, adage, proverb
-e|sätt way of thinking; attitude of
mind -väfd a worth considering; ~a
ord memorable words

1 täppa patch [of garden],
garden–plot; vara herre på -~n rule the roast

2 täpplla tr stop up, obstruct; ~ [till]
munnen pä ngn shut a p.’s mouth
•t a stopped-(choked-)up

tftrlia tr itr consume; ~ på waste
away; make inroads upon (use up)
[kapitalet the capital] -ande a
consuming; wearing [bekymmer care[s|];
en ~ sjukdoni a wasting disease
-d a worn (wasted) [av by (with)]; ~
av bekymmer careworn

1 tärna [fågel] tern, sea-swallow

2 tärna maid[en]

tärning die [pl, dice]; [geom.] cube;
*~en är kastad the die is cast -sjspel
game at (of) dice

1 tät head; i ~ew at the head

2 tät a 1 close; thick [skog forest j];
dense [dimma fog]; tight [tak roof]

2 frequent [ombyten changes] -a tr
stop up; ~ en båt make a boat
water–tight -het 1 deneeness; closeness

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