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2 frequency -na itr thicken -ning
[konkr.] packing -t adv closely
[skrivet written; -packade packed]; ~
bredvid close to (by); ~ efter close behind;
hålla ~ be water-tight
tätting sparrow, passerine bird
tätört butterwort, steep-grass
tävll|a itr compete (contend) [om for];
~ med varandra vie with each other;
kan — med vem som helst can stand
comparison with anybody -an
competition; en ädel ~ an honourable
contest; utom ~ without competing
for a prize; stå utom ~ be hors
con-cours -ande a competing &e; rival
-ing competition; contest; [sport.]

tö thaw; det blir ~ a thaw sets in -a
itr thaw; det ~r it is thawing
töckllen haze, mist -en|gestalt misty
(nebulous) form -nig a hazy
[atmosfär atmosphere]; misty, nebulous
töj||a I tr stretch; ~ ut stretch out,
extend II rfl stretch -bar a stretchable
-barhet stretchableness;
extensible-ness -ning stretching; extension
tölp yokel, clodhopper; churl; boor
-aktig a boorish, churlish

töm rein; jfr tygel

töml|ma tr empty; ~ en bägare drink
off a glass; ~ ur empty out -ning
emptying [out]; [tarms]

tör I as dep dare; om jag -s fråga if I
may [venture] to ask; jag -s inte säga
om . . I can’t tell exactly whether . .
törn blow, bump; ta ~ bear off,
fend off -a itr, ~ emot strike; bump
into; come into collision with
törnlibeströdd a thorny [stiff path]
-buske thorn-bush; brier, briar -e
thorn -e|krona crown of thorns
-e|-krönt a wearing a crown of thorns
-häck thorn-(brier-)hedge -ig a
thorny -ros rose T-rosa, Prinsessan
~ Sleeping Beauty -ros | buske
rose–tree(-bush); [vild] [-brier(briar)[–bush];-] {+brier(briar)[-
-bush];+} wild (brier, briar) rose -snår
thorn (bramble-)brake -tagg thorn,

törst thirst [efter for]; [bildl.] longing
[efter for] -a itr thirst; be thirsty;
~ ihjäl perish of thirst -ande a
thirsting, thirsty -ig a thirsty
tös girl, las3
tö I väder thaw


ubåt submarine, U-boat
udd [sharp] point; [gaffel-] prong;
[på tyg] scallop, pink

1 Udda a [tal] odd; låta ~ vara jämnt
not be over-particular

2 uddlla tr pink, scallop -e point [of
land], cape; [hög] promontory -ig a
scalloped; pointed [äv. bildl.] -ighet
[bildl.] pointedness - järn pinking-iron

ugglila owl -ellåt F croaking -e|skri
hooting of owls; tu-whit
ugn oven; [smält-] furnace -s|lucka
oven-door -s|raka fire-rake -stekt a
roasted [in the oven]
ukas ukase

ull wool; av ~ woollen -gam woollen
yarn; Berlin (knitting) wool; [stick-]
worsted -hårig a woolly-haired -ig a
woolly; fleecy -strump|a se ylle-;
gå på i -orna pursue one’s way
unconcerned -tott ball of wool
ulster ulster
ultimatum ultimatum
ultra a ultra -marin a ultramarine

-violett a ultra-violet
ulv wolf

umbärlia tr go without, jfr försaka

-ande privation
umllgås dep associate -gälla tr pay for
-gänge intercourse; jfr följ.
-gänges|-krets circle of [one’s] acquaintances

undan I adv Elay] aside; gömma ~
conceal out of the way II prep from
-bedja rfl decline -draga I tr
withdraw II rfl evade, shirk -gjord a
done [with], off one’s hands -gömd o
Eplats] secluded, remote -hålla tr
keep [back] (reserve) [ngn ngt a th.
from a p.] -tag exæption Efrån from
(to)] -tagandes prep excepting],
barring -tags | fall exceptional case

1 under wonder, marvel; ~ av lärdom
prodigy of learning

2 under I prep 1 [rum] under; [-[ne-danför]-] {+[ne-
danför]+} below 2 Etid] during; ~ hela
throughout Ethe evening] 3 ~ det
att = medan II adv under, below,
beneath -arm forearm -avdelning

under||bar a wonderful, marvellous
-barn child wonder, [infant] prodigy
underl|befäl X non-commissioned
officers Epl.] -betyg failing mark; få ~
fail -bjuda tr underbid -blåsa tr fan
the flame of -byggnad substructure;
Eallm.] foundation; [kunskap]
grounding -del lovver part; bottom
-då-nig a subservient [under to]; [-[begäran]-] {+[begä-
ran]+} humble -dånighet subserviency,
subjection -fund, komma ~ med
realize; E^örstå sig på] make out,
understand -förstådd a understood;
[tacitly] implied -given a submissive

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