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graded -arva a, göra sig ~ renounce
(disclaim) all interest in the estate
w|iberg primary (primitive) rock[s]
-bild original; archetype, prototype
ur|]blekt a faded, washed out -böta a

hopeless; [pers. äv.] incorrigible
urgammal a extremely old; ancient

(primitive) [bruk custom]
urhandel watch-maker’s [shop[
urholkl|a tr hollow [out]; dig out,
excavate -ad a hollow[ed], concave
-ning excavation, hollow; pit
urin urine -blåsa urinary bladder
ur I invånare original inhabitant,
urklipp cutting

urikraft original power; [bildl.]
immense power -kund [original]
document (record) -källa original source
urladdl|a I tr discharge II rfl explode,

burst -ning discharge; explosion
urmakare watchmaker
ur|lminnes a, från ~ tid[er] from time
immemorial (out of mind) -modig a
out of fashion, antiquated,
urna urn

urlloxe aurochs -premiär world’s
première [fr.]
urring||ad a low-necked -ning low

ursinnlle fury, frenzy -ig a furious,

infuriated, frantic
urilskilja tr discern, make out,
distinguish -skillaing discernment;
discrimination -skog primeval forest
-skulda tr rfl exculpate [o.s. 1 -sprung
origin; source -sprunglig a original;
primitive; primary [cause]; jfr
okonstlad -spårad a [bildh] who has
gone wrong -spårning derailment,
running off the rails -ståndsatt a

ursäkt excuse; be ngn om ~ ask (beg)
a p.’s pardon -a tr rfl excuse [o.s.];
~ [mig]! excuse me! I beg your
pardon! -lig a excusable,

urtavla clock-face; dial
urlltima a extraordinary -val choice,
selection; ett rikt ~ a comprehensive
(large) assortment -vattnad a washy;
watered down
ur||verk works [pl.] of a watch (clock);
som ett ~ like a clockwork -visare
watch( clock)-hand
urvuxen a, en ~ röck an outgrown coat
usch itj faugh! ~ då! fie! ugh!
usllel a wretched; miserable; Edålig]
worthless, vile, base -elhet
wretchedness &c; misery -ling wretch;
[skurk] villain
ut adv out; år ~ och år in from year’s

end to year’s end
utan I prep without; ~ arbete out of

work; ~ värde of no value; ~ vidare
simply, without anything further;
vara ~ . . have no . . II adv, ~ och
innan outside and inside III konj
but; and not
utandas tr dep expire, exhale; ~ sin
sista suck breathe one’s last [breath]
utan Iför prep adv outside; ~ dörren
before the door -läxa lesson [to bel
learnt by heart -på adv prep outside,
above -skrift address [on the cover]
-till adv by heart
ut||arbeta tr work out; [pers.]

worn out [with hard work],"
overworked -arma tr impoverish -bedja
rfl solicit -betalning payment; ~ar
disbursements -bilda I tr develop;
Eöva] train II rfl train [o.s.]
-bdd-ning" training, education -bjuda tr
offer [till salu for sale] -blommad a
faded -blottad a destitute, denuded
-breda I tr spread; [vingar] expand
II rfl spread [itself], extend -bredd
a [wide Jspread; Ebruk] prevailing,
general -bredning spread,
distribution -bringa tr propose -brott
breaking out; [krigs] outbreak; outburst
Eof indignation] -bränd a burnt away
-byggnad piece built out -byta tr
[exjchange [mot for] -byte exchange;
[behållning] gain, profit -böling
outsider; outcast
ut||delning distribution; [av brev]
delivery; Ehand.] dividend -drag
extract, excerpt -dragen a drawn out;
Ei tid] protracted, prolonged; lengthy
-drags I soffa [convertible] sofa-bed
-dunstning transpiration,
perspiration -död a extinct -dömd a

ute adv 1 Erum] out; [utomhus] out of
doors 2 tiden år ~ the time is up
-bli[va] itr fail to appear; not turn
up -liv outdoor life; iaka ~ F
frequent public places of amusement
-lämna tr leave out; omit -lämnande
omission -sluta tr exclude -slutande
I a exclusive II adv exclusively,
solely -stående a Efordran]
outstanding -stänga tr lock (shut) out; Ebildl.]

utiiexaminerad a passed; certificated
-fall X sortie, sally; [fäkta.] lunge;
Ebildl.] attack -falla itr 1 Eflod] fall
[out] 2 [pengar] fall due 3 =avlöpa
-fart main road -fattig a miserably
poor; destitute, penniless -flugen a,
är ~ has flown -flykt excursion, trip
-flöde flowing out; outflow -fodra
tr, ~ . . med keep . . on -fodring
feed[ing], keep -forma tr [give final]
shape [to] -forska tr find out;
investigate; [land] explore -färd =
-flykt -färda tr issue [orders^ -fästa
tr offer [en belöning a reward]

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