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utför I prep down ⁅en backe a hill⁆ II
adv down[wards]; downhill

ut‖föra tr 1 = exportera 2 ⁅verkställa⁆
perform; ⁅order⁆ carry out -förande
performance &c -förlig a detailed
-förlighet fullness (completeness) [of
detail] -förligt adv fully, in [full]
detail -förs|backe downhill -försel
export[ation] -förs|gåvor oratorial

ut‖gift expense; expenditure -giva I
tr issue; publish II rfl, ~ sig för att
pretend (give o.s. out) to be
-givare publisher; ⁅ansvarig
responsible⁆ editor -gjuta I tr pour out;
⁅tårar⁆ shed II rfl overflow -gjutelse
effusion -grävning excavation,
digging out -gå itr 1 ⁅härstamma⁆
come, issue, emanate 2 ⁅vara slut⁆
come to an end; ⁅kontrakt⁆ expire
3 ⁅lämna⁆ leave; ⁅från tävling⁆
withdraw -gång 1 ⁅slut⁆ close;
expiration; ⁅dödlig fatal⁆ end (issue);
⁅resultat⁆ result 2 ⁅dörr⁆ exit
-gången a [gone] out -gångs|punkt
starting point; ⁅i diskussion⁆ basis
-göra tr 1 constitute, form, make 2
⁅uppgå till⁆ amount to

ut‖huggning clearing -hus outhouse,
outbuilding -hyrning, till ~ for hire
-hyrnings|byrå house-agency -hållig
a ⁅seg⁆ wiry, tough; ⁅ihärdig⁆
tenacious, persevering
-hållighets|tävlan endurance test (race) -härda tr
endure; bear (stand) ⁅smärta pain;
jämförelse comparison⁆ -i prep = 2 i
-ifrån adv from outside

ut‖jämna tr level; smooth out; ⁅göra
lika⁆ equalize -kalla tr call out -kant
remote quarter; stadens ~er the
outskirts of the town -kast design
till for⁆; plan; [rough] draft
-kastare chucker-out -kik 1 hålla ~ be
on the look-out, watch 2 ⁅pers.⁆
look-out [man] -kiks|plats look-out
[place] -klädd a dressed up
(disguised) ⁅till as a⁆ -komst = uppehälle
-kämpa tr fight [out] -körare
delivery man (boy)

ut‖landet abroad -levad a decrepit;
effete -lopp outflow -lova tr promise
-lysa tr give notice of -låtande
[formal] report, expression of opinion
-lägg outlay, disbursement[s] -lämna
tr give (hand) out; issue; ⁅över-⁆
deliver, hand over -ländsk a foreign
-ländska foreigner, foreign lady &c
-länning foreigner -lärd a, vara ~ be
fully trained (qualified); aldrig bli ~
never know one’s job thoroughly
-löpa itr ⁅bildl.⁆ come to an end,
expire -löpare offshoot -lösning
release, redemption -mana tr
challenge ⁅ with⁆ -manande a
challenging; provocative; ⁅friare⁆
inviting, coquettish; ⁅fräck⁆ brazen
-maning challenge -mattad a
exhausted; F fagged out -mattning
exhaustion; ⁅läk.⁆ prostration -med
prep [all] along, skirting ⁅gångstigen
the path⁆ -minutera tr [sell by] retail
-mynna itr 1 debouch ⁅i into⁆ 2
⁅bildl.⁆ finish (end) [up] ⁅i with⁆;
result ⁅i in⁆ -måla tr paint, depict
-märglad a emaciated, gaunt -märka
tr mark [out]; ⁅beteckna⁆ denote;
⁅känneteckna⁆ distinguish,
characterize II rfl distinguish o.s. ⁅genom
by⁆ -märkande a characteristic ⁅för
of⁆; distinguishing -märkelse
distinction -märkt a adv excellent[ly],
F splendid[ly]; jag mår ~ I am (feel)
first-rate (capital) -mätning, göra ~
[levy] distress -nämna tr appoint
ngn till kapten a p. captain⁆,
nominate -nämning appointment;
nomination -nött a worn out; [well-]

utom prep 1 ⁅utanför⁆ outside; ~
out of doors 2
⁅undantagandes⁆ except 3 ⁅för~⁆ besides;
beyond 4 ~ sig beside o.s.
-bords|motor outboard motor -hus adv out
of doors -lands adv abroad
-ordentlig a extraordinary -ordentligt adv
extraordinarily; exceedingly,
extremely; F immensely

utopi Utopian scheme

ut‖peka tr point out; ~ ngn som
indicate (F tip) a p. as -pinad a
harrowed, worried -plundra tr [de]spoil ⁅
of⁆ -plåna tr delete, deface;
obliterate ⁅ur from⁆, efface; ⁅minnet av
ngt⁆ blot (wipe) out -post outpost
-pressare blackmailer -pressning
blackmail -präglad a stamped;
⁅bildl.⁆ marked; pronounced
-rangera tr discard [as unfit for use] -reda
tr 1 disentangle, unravel 2 wind up
ett bo an estate⁆ -redning
investigation, analysis; jfr bo~ -riggare
outrigger -rikes I a foreign II adv
abroad -rikes|departement Foreign
Office -rikes|minister Minister (⁅Engl.⁆
Secretary of State) for Foreign
Affairs -rop exclamation, cry -ropa
tr 1 exclaim, cry out 2 proclaim
ngn till kung a p. king⁆ -rops|tecken
mark (note) of exclamation,
exclamation mark -rota tr root out (up),
uproot, eradicate; ⁅totalt⁆ extirpate
-rusta tr equip, fit out; ⁅förse⁆ furnish,
supply, provide -rustad a equipped;
rikt ~d richly endowed -rustning
equipment, outfit -ryckning
decampment -rymma tr evacuate;
⁅hus⁆ vacate, clear out of -rymme
space, room -räkning working
(reckoning) out, calculation -rätta
tr ⁅ärende⁆ do; ~ ngt därmed

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