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certeparti|kopia        133        check

and 5 non-negotiable copies clean on board

ocean steamer Bills of Lading or Charter

Party Bills of Lading; ~kopia charter party

copy, copy of a charter party

certifikat certificate; ~ å nom. U.S.

$100.-certificate representing U.S. $100.- nominal;

bevis om den å ~ et belöpande rätten till ...

voucher representing the right which is vested

in the certificate to receive . .

Cambridgeuniversitetets ~ the Certificates of the

Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate [Lower

Certificate in English, Certificate of

Proficiency in English, Diploma of English Studies];

~innehavare holder of a certificate,

certificate holder; ~kurs certificate course

cesium (grundämne) cesium, (särsk. Br) caesium;

radioaktivt ~ radioactive cesium;

~aluminiumsulfat cesium aluminium (US aluminum)

sulphate (US sulfate); ~alun cesium alum;

~ammoniumbromid cesium ammonium

bromide; ~atom cesium atom; ~belagd

cesium-coated, cesiated; ~bro mid cesium

bromide; ~dikromat cesium dichromate;

~dioxid cesium dioxide; ~disulfat cesium

disulphate (US disulfate); ~frekvensnormal

cesium beam normal; ~förening cesium

compound; ~gas cesium gas; ~hydrat

cesium hydrate; ~hydroxid cesium hydroxide;

~jodid cesium iodide; ~karbonat cesium

carbonate; ~klocka cesium clock; ~klorid

cesium chloride; ~nitrat cesium nitrate;

~oxid cesium oxide; ~peroxid cesium

peroxide; ~rubidiumammoniumbromid

cesium-rubidium-ammonium bromide;

~rubi-diumbromid cesium-rubidium bromide; ~

rubidiumklorid cesium-rubidium chloride;

~silikat cesium silicate; ~stråle cesium

beam; ~strålenormal cesium beam normal;

~sulfat cesium sulphate (US sulfate);

~tetra-oxid cesium tetroxide; ~trioxid cesium

tri-oxide; ~ånga; joniserad ~ånga ionized cesium


cesserklausul (sjö.) cesser clause

cession (återförsäkr.) cession; (konkurs)

bankruptcy, failure; ~ant bankrupt, common

debtor; ~arie (av fordran) assignee

cetyl|alkohol cetyl (cetylic, palmityl) alcohol,

alcohol C-16, i-hexadecanol, normal primary

hexadecyl alcohol; ~bromid cetyl bromide;


cetyldimethyl-ethylammonium bromide; ~

dimetyletylam-moniumklorid cetyldimethylethylammonium

chloride; ~merkaptan cetyl (hexadecyl)

mer-captan; ~palmitat cetyl palmitate, cetin;

~pyridinbromid cetyl pyridinium bromide;

~pyridinklorid cetylpyridinium chloride;

~tr i mety la m moniu mbr ~ mid cety

ltrimeth-ylammonium bromide;

~trimetylammo-niumklorid cetyltrimethylammonium


Ceylon Ceylon; c—esisk Ceylon[ese]; c—te

Ceylon tea

cgs|-enhet; elektromagnetiska ~-enheter C. G. S.

electromagnetic units; ~system C. G. S.

(cgs, c. g. s.) [metric] system [of units] [:

centimetre, gramme, second]; elektromagnetiska

~-systemet [the] electromagnetic C. G. S. system;

elektrostatiska ~-systemet [the] electrostatic

C. G. S. system

Chad Chad; adj. of [the] Chad, Chad;

~-republiken the Republic of [the] Chad; adj.

of the Republic of [the] Chad

chagrin, chagräng (skinn) shagreen

Chalmers; ~ Provningsanstalt Chalmers

Testing Institute; ~ Tekniska Högskola Chalmers

Institute (University) of Technology

chamottegel chamotte (fireclay) brick; (äv.)

alumino-silicate (alumina) brick

chansera to lose colour, to become coloiuless,

to fade [out], to pale; (äv.) to deteriorate,

to [fall into] decay, to wither, to decline, to

break up, to waste [away], to backslide, to

wane, to go down[hill], to run to waste (seed)

chappe (text.) spun (schappe) silk

charge (tekn.: beskickning) charge

chargé; C~ d’Affaires Chargé d’Affaires;

(permanent ) Chargé d’Affaires en titre (pied),

titular Chargé d’Affaires; (tillförordnad) Chargé

d’Affaires ad interim; (adress) To the

American Chargé d’Affaires at Lima; John Sweet,

Esq., British Chargé d’Affaires at Lima;

(hälsningsfras) Sir,; Dear Sir,; (avslutningsfras)

Yours respectfully,; Yours faithfully,; Yours

very truly,

charge|protokoll heat log; ~ra (tekn.: bes kicka)

to charge; ~ring (tekn.: beskickning)

charging; ~ringsgolv charging floor

charkuteri|affär butcher’s [shop]; (särsk. US)

delicatessen [store], butchery; ~fabrik [meat]

packing plant (industry), meat industry, tinned

meat factory, meat canning (curing) factory;

(särsk. US) packing-house, stock yard; ~st

butcher; ~varor cured (cooked) meats and


charmeuse (text.) locknit charmeuse, locknit,


chart|are se chartrare; ~erkostnader charter

hire; C~iströrelsen the Chartist Movement;

~ra (befrakta) to charter, to hire [a ship,

a vessel] by charter party, to freight [a ship];

~rare (befraktare) charterer; ~ring

chartering, affreightment

chas|er (tekn.) chaser; ~eranordning chasing

attachment; ~ning chasing

chassi chassis; ~er exklusive däck chassis less

tires; oets fabriksnummer maker’s number of

chassis; bilo motor-car (US automobile)

chassis; ~buren; oburen krän truck-mounted

crane; ~fett chassis lubricant; ~ram chassis


chaufför driver, chauffeur; busso bus driver;

taxi ~s drosko taxi-driver, taxi-cab driver

check cheque, (US) check; (utfärdad av bank

ä annan bank) draft; (datamaskin) check;

Aviserade C~oar (bankavd.) Advised Cheques

(US Checks) Department; bekräftad ~

certified cheque; betalning i ~ payment by cheque;

~ens värde omräknad i kronor the value of the

cheque converted into [Swedish] Kronor; dra

en ~ ett konto to draw a cheque (check)

on an account (a cheque account, US a

checking account); en bunt oar a packet of cheques;

en ~ Kr 2.000.- a cheque for Kr. 2,000.-;

maskinunderskriven ~ machine-signed cheque;

~giltig ~ invalid cheque; skyddsperforeringpà

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