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uthamr|a        1098        utklarer|ingsbevis

(båthamn) yacht harbour (basin), marina, boatel

uthamr|a to hammer out, to forge; to beat

smooth (flat), to planish; ~ing hammering;

planishing, flattening

uthuggja to hew out, to cut [out], to carve;

(skogs.) to cut down, to fell; ~ning (konkr.)


uthyr|a to let, (särsk. US) to rent; to hire out,

to let: out [on hire]; to provide on a rental

basis; (fastighet) to let [out], to lease, (särsk.

US) to rent; (rum) to let [rooms]; rooms to

let, (US) rooms for rent; (möbler) [furniture]

on hire; (i andra hand) to sublet; alla lägenheter

var ~da all the flats were let (tenanted); bilar

oes (anslag) car hire service; (utan förare)

self-drive hire cars (service); ~d avdelning (i

varuhus etc.) leased department; ~are hirer

out, letter; (hyresvärd) landlord; (jur.) lessor

uthyrning lease, leasing, renting; hire, hiring

out, letting out [on hire], letting; (jur. äv.)

location; till ~ for hire

uthyrnings|byrå letting-office, house (estate,

apartments) agency, house-agent’s office; ~

firma (bil-) car hire company; (film-)

distribution agency, distributor; ~lag; lane- och

olagen (US) the Lend-Lease Act;

~uppgörelse lease arrangement

uthållig persevering, dogged, tenacious,

persistent; tough; ~ avkastning sustained yield;

~het (fysisk) staying power, stamina;

(moralisk ) perseverance, doggedness, persistency,

persistence, tenacity; (äv.) singleness (tenacity)

of purpose, steadiness, constancy, application,

plodding, dogged perseverance, bulldog

tenacity, [power of] endurance; grit

uthållighets|flygning endurance flight; ~

marsch capacity walk; ~prov endurance test

uthärd|a to endure, to stand, to bear; ~lig

endurable, bearable

utilitarian utilitarian; ~arisk utilitarian; ~a-

~ism utilitarianism; ~ies (börs.) utilities

utimpedans (radio.) output impedance

utjämna to level (even) [out], to make even;

(utsläta) to smooth [out, down]; (göra lika)

to equalize, to equilibrate; (uppväga) to set

off, to offset, to counterbalance, to balance,

to counteract; (fys., fig.) to compensate [for];

(bilägga) to settle, to make up, to straighten

(iron) out; (neutralisera) to neutralize;

(överbrygga) to bridge [a gap], to bridge over;

(band.) to balance, to counterbalance; to clear,

to discharge; to square; to pay; to remit;

(konto) to balance, to close; (olikheter etc.)

to adjust; (sport) to equalize; (äv.) to cushion,

to reduce; to complement; to be even Stephen

[again]; ~ en skuld to settle a debt; ~ ett konto

to settle (square) an account; the account is now

squared and closed; ~ ett saldo to settle

(discharge, pay) a balance; till onde av in

settlement of; ~re (dämpnings-) equalizer,


utjämning levelling[-out], evening-out;

(utslätning) smoothing [out, down]; equalization,

equalizing; (fys., fig.) compensation;

(biläggande) settlement, making up, straightening

(ironing) out; (neutralisering) neutralization,

neutralizing; (överbryggande) bridging [over];

(hand.) balance, balancing, counterbalancing;

payment; discharge; remittance; (av konto)

balancing, closing; (av olikheter etc.)

adjustment; (stat.) smoothing, graduation; (sport)

equalization; (äv.) cushioning, reduction;

conversion; extension; normalizing; analytisk

~ (stat.) curve fitting; grafisk ~ (stat.)

graphic graduation; till ~ av Eder faktura in

settlement of your invoice; ~ av motsättningar

settling of differences; ~ av tillgång och

efterfrågan equation of demand and supply; ~ nedåt

levelling-down; ~ uppåt levelling-up

utjämnings|aggregat compensation set;

~anordning balancing device; ~avgift

compensating (equalization) charge (fee); jfr

konjunktur—avgift; ~bedömning performance

rating; ~behållare surge tank; ( kompres

~or) equalizer, pulsation-damping tank;

~bidrag equalization allowance (compensation,

subsidy); jfr konjunktur—bidrag; ~don

booster; ~faktor performance index; ~ficka

equalizing pocket; ~filter weighting filter;

~fond equalization fund; ~förbindning (el)

equipotential connection; ~förlopp transient;

~grop (värmgrop för göt) equalizing pit

furnace; ~kapacitans balancing capacitance;

~kondensator balancing condenser; ~konto

equalization account; ~krets (el)

compensating circuit; ~laddning equalizing charge;

~ledning compensating line; ~lindning

equalizing winding; ~maskin direct-current

balancer, balancing generator; ~motstånd

equalizing resistance; ~nät (tel.) equalizing

network; ~område (tel.) frequency range

of equalization; ~process equalizing process;

~puis (TV) equalizing pulse; ~reglering

compensatory adjustment; ~resistans

balancing (compensating) resistance; ~skatt

compensation (equalization) tax; ~spole

balancing coil; ~spänning transient voltage;

~ström equalizing (transient) current;

~system equalization system; ~transformator

equalizing (balancing) transformer; ~tull

countervailing (US compensation) duty;

~-ventil equalizing (balancing) valve

utkapacitans output capacitance

utkast draft [till of], rough draft (copy), first

draft, [rough] outline; (plan) plan, draft

scheme; (skiss) [rough, preliminary] sketch;

(äv.) blueprint, project; (konst) design;

(blind-bok) dummy; (äv.) memorandum; (i bollspel)

throw-out; ett ~ till a draft of; första ~ first

(preliminary) draft; ~ till ett brev draft of a

letter; ~ till svar draft reply; ~ till

överenskommelse draft agreement; ~a to throw out;

(överbord) to throw overboard, to jettison;

(ljusstråle) to flash; ~are (tekn.) ejector,

ejection system, knock-out rod (ram); (

kafé) chucker-out; ~ ar|fjäder ejector spring;

~ar|öppning ejection opening; ~cylinder

ejecting cylinder; ~ning (tekn.) ejection;

(av berg vid sprängning) röck throw

utkik (person) look-out [man]; hålla ~ to keep

[a] look-out, to be on the look-out, to watch

utklarer|a (sjö.) to clear outwards; ~a ett fartyg

to clear a ship outwards; ~a till to clear for;

bli ~ad to be cleared, to clear; ~ing (sjö.)

clearance outwards, outclearance, outward

clearance; ~ingsbevis certificate of clearance

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