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års|uppgörelse        1212        åtal

deficit; ~uppgörelse yearly (annual)

settlement; ~uppköp annual purchase; ~utbyte

annual yield (output); outdelning annual

(yearly) dividend, the [whole] year’s dividend;

~utskänkning; beviljas ~utskänkning to be

granted the right to serve [liquors] on the

premises for a one-year (four-year) period, to

be granted a one-year (four-year) [on-]licence;

ovinst annual profit, [net] profit for the year;

~vis annually, yearly, by the year, per annum;

once a year; ränta efter $ % skall betalas ~vis

i efterskott interest at [a rate of] 3 % is to be

paid annually at the end of each period of

12 months; ~växt [the] year’s crop (growth);

(best, form äv.) the crops pl.; (stat.) crops,

acreage and production; ~växtrapport

crop-outlook report; ~översikt annual (yearly)

survey (review, outline); ~överskott annual

surplus; the year’s profits

årtalsspik (märkspik) dating (date) nail

årtionde decade, decad, decennium

ås ridge; (geol.) esker; (äv.) hillside

åsamka; ~ sig to incur; jfr ådraga sig;

därigenom ode kostnader the expenses incurred

thereby; ~, en förlust to incur (suffer, sustain)

a loss

åsidosätta (icke bry sig om) to disregard, to set

aside, to take no notice of, to overrule, to

ignore; to override; to slight; (försumma) to

neglect, to be neglectful of; ~ föreskrifterna

to disregard the directions (instructions,

provisions, regulations, stipulations, rules,

recommendations); onde disregard; neglect

åsikt opinion, view; (äv.) judg[e]ment; den ~en

har accepterats mer och mer att ... the view

has gained currency [more and more] that.. . ;

enligt vår ~ in our opinion (view), to our

mind (way of thinking); finna belägg för ~en

to produce [some] proof in support of the

[one’s] opinion; föråldrade ~er antiquated

views; gällande ~er current opinions; hävda

den motsatta ~ en to take the opposite view;

samstämmighet i ~er agreement in opinion,

consensus of opinion ; vara av en ~ to be of

an opinion (view); (äv.) to opine; vi skulle

vil|a höra Er ~ om saken we should (would)

like to hear your view of (on) the matter,

we should (would) like to hear your opinion

of (on, about) the matter

åsikts|frihet freedom of opinion (thought);

~- och yttrandefrihet freedom of opinion and

expression (speech); omotsättning conflict

of opinion; ~prov opinion test; ~utbyte

exchange of views

åsk[a|verb to thunder; (bullra) to thunder,

to boom, to roar, to rumble; II subst, thunder;

(åskväder) thunderstorm, storm; (buller)

thunder, booming, roar[ing]; rumbling;

Å~forskningsko mmis sionen

(Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien) the Commission on

Lightning and Atmospheric Electricity; oledare

lightning rod (conductor, arrester); ~skada

damage by [a stroke of] lightning; ~skräck

astraphobia; ~skydd lightning protection

(konkr. protector); ~skyddsmateriel

lightning protective materials; ~slag [stroke of]

lightning; försäkring mot skada av ~slag

insurance against damage by lightning

åskådar|e spectator, onlooker, fa] looker-on,

bystander; (TV etc.) viewer; (kol/.; teat.)

audience, house; (vittne) eyewitness, witness;

~läktare [grand] stand

åskådlig; ett ~t exempel an object lesson; a

striking example (illustration); ~göra to

illustrate, to show, to indicate; to make

(render) clear; to point out (to), to call (draw)

attention to; (äv.) to visualize, to envisage;

to contemplate

åskådnings|exempel, olektion object lesson;

~skiss [a] visual, visual sketch;

~undervisning object teaching, teaching by object

lessons, visual education; tjäna som

~undervisning to serve as object lessons

åstadkomma to effect, to bring about, to cause,

to make; to operate; several causes operated to

bring on the war; ~ en lösning to find (bring

about, reach) a solution; ~ förvirring to cause

confusion; ~ stora affärer för någon to secure

sby a large business

åsyfta to aim at, to have in view, to have for

one’s object; ~d intentional, premediated,

done on purpose

åsyn sight; i allas ~ in public, publicly, in

[the] sight of everybody; i min ~ before me,

in my presence

åtaga; ~ sig to undertake, to take upon o.s.,

to take on (in hand), to assume, to engage,

to contract [for], to enter into [a contract],

to be pleased to; we shall be pleased to do this

tomorrow; de åtog sig att sköta den ekonomiska

sidan they took the financial part in hand;

han åtog sig att ställa allt till rätta he engaged

to put matters right; jag skall gärna ~ mig

besväret att|shall be glad to take the trouble

of; köparen åtager sig att the buyer undertakes

to; ~ sig affärsuppdrag to undertake business

commissions; ~ sig ansvaret för ngt to assume

(take, undertake, accept) [the] responsibility

for sth.; ~ sig att göra ngt to undertake to

do sth.; ~ sig en förbindelse to assume an

obligation; ~ sig en order to undertake an

order; ~ sig en sak to take on a matter, to

take a matter in hand; ~ sig försäljningen to

attend to (to take charge of) the sale; ~ sig

leverans av to undertake to supply; to sign a

contract for; ~ sig på ackord to undertake by


åtagande undertaking, obligation, engagement,

commitment; assumption; (konkr. äv.) Letter

of Commitment; in accordance with undertakings

given by the Government; bindande ~ [a] definite

undertaking; enligt frivilligt ~ according

to voluntary undertaking, under voluntary

schemes; återkalla ett ~ to cancel an

undertaking; ändra ett ~ to modify an undertaking;

~provision commitment commission

åtag|en; vårt korrekta uppfyllande av ~na

förpliktelser our correct (due) performance of all

commitments entered into

åtal (process, rättegång) action [at law], legal

action, suit, lawsuit, [legal] proceedings pl.y

charge, (för allvarligare förbrytelse) indictment;

(mål) case, suit; (från åklagarsidan äv.) [-[criminal]-]

prosecution; (beivrande) pursuit;

(anklagelse) incrimination; (äv.) complaint; anställa

och fullföl|a ~ to commence and prosecute a

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