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End&miak. Epok. 99

private, particular, individiiaL -skildhet, (to), -het, /. conformity, accordance. /

/. particularity. Enskildheter, particular- e, med = -t, adv. in conformity with,

ities, details. Ingdie,, to detail, -akiidt, in compliance with, conformable [accord*

adv. privately, in private, -späzinare, m. ing] to.

one-horse-carriage, -stafirig, adj. mono- enonuy adj. (ofantlig) enormous,

syllabic; pauciloqaent, sparing of words, enrollera^ v. a. to enlist.

E-t ord, monosyllable. -stafTlghet) /. ens^ adv. at all. Med «., at once. Icke

pauciloqay. -staka, adj. segregated, «., not even, not so much as. ens, ense,

isolated, secluded, •^stänunig, adj. un- o^;. agreeing. Vara e. om, to agree up-

isonant; unanimous, -ständig, adj. pres- on. Blifva e., to agree, to come to terms,

sing, urgent, assiduous, -stöding, m. so- -lig, adj. solitary, retired, private, lone-

litarian. -tonig, adj. monotonous, -trä- some, lonely, lone, -lighet, /. solitude,

gen, adj. assiduous, instant, urgent, ea- solitariness, retirement. -Ugt, adv. sol-

ger. -tragenhet, /. assiduity, urgency, , itarily, in solitude,

eagerness, -tydig, ad^, univocal. -vig, entablementy n. entablement,

n. single combat, duel, -vis, adj. ob- entlediga^ v. a. to dismiss, to discharge

stinate, positive, stubborn, wilful, -visas, (from), -nde, n. dismissal, dismission,

V. d. to be obstinate, to persist (in), -vis- discharge.

-het, /. obstinacy, positiveness, pertina- entomolof^y m. entomologist, -i, /. en-
city, wilfulness, persistency, -vising, m. tomology. -Isk, adj. entomologicaJ.
stubborn [obstinate] person, -v&ldsherre, entrepren-ady m. undertaking, -or, m.
m. autocrat, monarch, sovereign, -v&lds- undertaker, contractor,
makt, /. monarchy, autocrasy. -välde, n. entresol^ m. mezzanine.
se -våldsmakt. -väldig, adj. sovereign, entul-asm, m. enthusiasm, extacy, rap-
absolute, -ogd, adj, one-eyed. ture. -asmera, t;. a. to enrapture, to

endenusky a4J^. endemic. render enthusiastic, -ast, m. enthusiast.

endosa-emenl^ n. indorsement, -ent, envojé^ m. envoy,

m. indorser. -era* v. a. to indorse. en&r^ konj. because, since.

energi^ /. energy, -sk, adj. energetic eolsharpa^ /. eolian lyre [harp],

[-al]. [engagement, eon^ m. eon.

engaf^e-ra, v. a. to engage, -ment, n. ephor-at^ n. ephoralty. -us, m. ephor.

engely se fiagdL epidemi^ /. (farsot) land-plague, epi-

engelaky adj. English. E-a sjukan, rick- demic. -isk, adj. epidemic [-al].

ets. E-a svetten, the sweating fever, -a, epidot» m. epidote.

/Y^spf^^Ji^^ the English (language, tongue), epigraf^ m. epigraph.

£-e«a2^,ep8om-salt. engelsman, m. Eng- epigram» n. epigram, -matisk, adj,

lishman. England, n. England. epigranunatic [-al]. -matist, m. epi-

enka, /. widow, enke-drottning, /. grammatist. [curean.

queen dowager. -£ni, /. widow-kdy, dow- epiknré» m. epicurean, -isk, o^;. epi-

ager. -man, m. widower, -stånd, n. epilep-siy /. se iUlandesot. -tisk,

widowhood, -säte, n. dowager seat. ac^. epileptic [-al].

eakel» adj^ single; simple, plain, un- epUog, m. epilogue,

ceremonious, -het, /. singleness, simpli- episk» adj. epic, epiker,! m* epic poet,

city, plainness, -t, adv* singly, sim^y, epos, n. epos.

plainly. episkopal» adj. episcopalian. [-al].

enkling» m. widower. episod» m. episode, -isk, ao^. episodic

enklitiidc» adj. enclitic. epistel» m. epistle, letter.

enlewera» v. a. to carry away [off]. epitet» n. epithet.

enlig» adj. conformable (to), consistent epod» m. epod.

(wUh), proportionable (to), answerable epok» m. epoch.

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