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(1872) [MARC] Author: Victor Emanuel Öman - Tema: Dictionaries
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100 Epålett, Evig,

epåletty m. epaulet. ment, requital, satisfaction. Som e., com«-

eq^ation^ /. equation. pensatoiy.

eqvator^ m. equator. ertappa, v. a. to surprise, to catch, to

era^ /. era. overtake, to apprehend. E. på bar ger-

]f adj. miserable, pitiable, ning^ to take in the yery act. -nde, ti.

wretched, deplorable. surprise, apprehension.

erbjuda^ v. a. to offer. erofra^ t;. a. to conquer, to take, to win,
eremity «i. hermit, eremite, anchoret, to overcome, to capture, -re, wi. con-
anchorite, -isk, öki;. anchoretic [-al]. queror. -ing, /. conquering, taking.

-kräfta, /. hermit-crab. -ing^kiig, n, war of conquest, -ings-

erfara^ v, a. to learn, to know, to per- lust, /. love of conquest.

ceive, to experience, to be informed; (Uda) eselhufviidy n. cap of the mast-head.

to suffer, -en, a^. experienced, skilled, eskader^ m. squadron.

versed, expert {aUa med in), -enhet, /. eskarp^ m. escarp, scarp.

experience, practise, knowledge. Komma eskort^ m. escort, convoy, -era, v. a.

i e. af^ to be apprized of. to escort, to convoy.

erford-erligy adj. requisite, -ra, i;. a. esomoftast, adv. frequently, very often.

to require, to need, to demand. esoterisk, adj. esoteric.

erg, m. verdigris, -a, v. n., -as, v. d., esplaitful, m. esplanad.

-a sig, V. r. to gather verdigris, to rust, ess, n. (ton) E flat.

-ig, ac^. eruginous.- esse, n. I sUt «., in one*s proper element.

erhålla, v. a. to receive, to get, to ob- essens, m. essence.

tain, to gain. - estet-ik, /. esthetics, -isk, adj. esthetic.

erinra, v. a. to remind (of), to put in etabl-era, v. a. to establish. E. gig, to

mind. e. sig, v. r. to remember, to re- set up a business, -issement, n. estab-

collect, to caU to mind, -an, -Ing, /. lishment.

recollection, reminiscence, remembrance, eter, m. ether, -isk, adj. etherial.

memory; (påminndsej admonition (of J; eternell, /. eternal [everlasting] flower.

(invändning) remonstrance. etnografi, /. ethnography, -sk, adj.

erke- se &rke-« ethnographic.

erkan-na, v. a, to acknowledge, to own, et-ik, /. ethics, -isk, adj. ethic [-al].

to admit, to avow, to recognize, to con- etikett, m. (påskrift) label; (ceremtm.)

fess, to be sensible of. Icht e., to disown, etiquette.

to disclaim. En erkänd narr, an allowed etsa, v. a. to etch, -nål; /. etching-
fool, -nande, n. acknowledgment, avow- needle, -vatten, n. aqua-fortis.

al, recognizance, confession, admission, ett, räkn. one. -a, /. (the) one. -dera,

-sam, adj. grateful (to, for), thankful, pron. either.

-samliet,/. gratefulness, gratitude, thank- etter, n. venom, poison, -blemma, /.

fulness, -sla, /. acknowledgment, grati- pustule, -myra, /. pismire, -näsla, /.

tude. [n. payment, small nettle, -ört, /. com marygold,

erlägga, v, a. to pay, to j)ay down, -nde, yellow ox-eye.

ema, v. a. to attain, to obtain, to gain, etymolog, m. etymologist, -i, /. ety-

to get, to acquire, to compass, to arrive mology. -isk, adj. etymological.

at. -ende, n. attaining, attainment. ennuck, m. eunuch.

erotisk, adj. erotic [-al]. evangel-inm, n. gospel, -isk, adj.
ersätta, v. a. to compensate, to make up evangelical, -ist, m. evangelist, gospeler.

for, to atone for, to make amends [com- eventnel, adj. eventual.

pensation] for, to restore, to repay, -lig, evid-ens, /. (Idar visshet) evidence.

adj. reparable, -ning, /. amends, com- -ent, adj. evident.

pensation, restitution, reparation, de&ay- evig, adj. eternal, everlasting. E-t Uf,

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