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life eternal. E. skada, great pity, a thousand
pities. Till e. tid, to all eternity.
-t, adv. eternally, everlastingly.

evinnelig, se evig.

evolution, f. evolution.

evärdlig, adj. perpetual, everlasting.

exakt, adj. exact.

exalt-ation, f. exaltation. -era, v. a.
to exalt.

exam-en, m. examination; inquiry. Undergå
to pass e. -inand, m. examinant.
-inator, m. examiner. -inera, v. a.
to examine.

excell-ens, m. excellence, excellency.
-ent, adj. excellent. -era, v. n. to excel.

excentri-sk, adj. eccentric. -citet, f.

excess, m. excess.

exege-s, f. exegesis. -tik, f. hermeneutics.
-tisk, adj. exegetical.

exeku-tion, f. execution. -tiv, adj.
executive. -tor, m. executor.

exempel, n. example, instance. Till e.,
for instance. -lös, adj. unexampled.

exemplar, n. (af en bok o. dyl.) copy;
(af en växt o. dyl.) specimen. -isk, adj.

exeqvera, v.a. execute.

exerc-era, v. a. to exercise, to drill.
-is, m. drill.

exist-ens, f. existence. -era, v. n. to

exkre-menter, n. pl. excrements. -tion,
f. excretion.

exorcism, m. (besvärjelse, bannlysning)

esoterisk, adj. exoteric[-al].

exotisk, adj. exotic.

expan-sibel, adj. expansible. -sion, f.
expansion, -siv, adj. expansive.

expedi-era, v. a. to expedite, to dispatch,
-tion, f. expedition.

expekt-ans, f. expectancy. -ant, m.

expenser, m. pl. expences.

experiment, n. (rön, försök) experiment,
essay. -era, v. n. to make experiments,
to experiment.

explo-dera, v. n. to explode. -sion, f.

expo-nent, m. exponent; denominator.
-nera, v. a. to expose, to exhibit.
-sition, f. exposition, exhibition.

export, m. export. -era, v. a. to export.
-ör, m. exporter.

exposé, m. expose.

expres, m. express. - adv. expressly.

extas, m. ecstasy.

extempore, adv. extempore. -ra, v. a.
to extemporise.

extensiv, adj. extensive.

extra, adj. o. adv. extra, besides,
extraordinary. -inkomst, f. extra income;
(presters) surplice fees.

extrakt, n. extract.

extrem, n. extreme, -itet, f. extremity.


Fabel, m. fable. -aktig, adj. fabulous.
-diktare, m. fabulist.

fabricera, v. a. to fabricate, to manufacture.
fabrik, m. manufactory, factory.
-ant, m. manufacturer. -at, n. manufacture.
-ation. f. fabrication. -sarabetare,
m. manufactory-man, factory-man
[-labourer]. -sarbete, n. manufactured
article. -sidkare, m. manufacturer.
-spris, n. factory [manufacturer’s]
price. -sstad, m. manufacturing
town. -sväsende, n. manufacturing
industry. -ör, m. manufacturer, fabricator.

facit, n. amount, product.

fack, n. drawer, shelf, box; (yrke)
department, branch, line.

fackla, f. torch, link, flambeau, fackelblomster,
n. (-ört, f.), spiked purple-loosestrife,
-bärare, m. torch-bearer,
link-boy [-man]. -sken, n. torch-light.

fadd, adj. insipid, stale, flat, dull. -het,
f. insipidity, staleness, flatness, dullness.

fadder, m. godfather, godmother, sponsor.
Stå f. åt, to be godfather [g.mother]
to. -gåfva, f. christening present. -skap,
n. sponsorship.

fader, m. father; sire. F. vår, the Lord’s
prayer. Läsa F. vår, to say the L. p.

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