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-lig, o/dj. fatherly, paternal, -lös, adj.
fatherless, -mord, n. parricide, -mör-
dare, m. parricide, -skåp, ti. fatherhood,
far-bror, m. uncle. -£Etr, m. grand-fathet.
-fars£ar, m. great-grand-&ther. -£Bir8&r-
£ar, m. gr^at great-grand-&ther. -mor,
/. grand-mother, -mors mor, /. great-

fager^ o/dj. fsur, beantiM, handsome;
goodly. Fagra ord, feir words. -grä49,
n. reflexed meadow-grass, fägring, /.’
fairness, beanty.

faggor^ /. j>l, (faiks, fängs). Ha en sjuk-
dom i f-na, to be abont to fiEdl sick.

fagotty m, bassoon, -ist, m. bassoomst.

fahlerzy m. grey copper.

faience^ m. &ience.

fakir, m. fakir, faquir.

faktion, /. faction, party.

f akt-iaky adj, actual, true, -om, n. &ct.

faktor, m. factor; foreman. -i, n, fac-
tory, -i handel, m. commission-trade.

faktura, /. invoice.

fakultet, /. faculty. . [ible.

tal, adj. venal, mercenary, for sale, vend-

fal-aska, /. white ashes, embers, -na,
V. w. to wither, to fade.

falk, m. falcon, hawk, -enerare, m. M-
coner, hawker, -liofva, /. falcon’s hood,
-jasrt, /. hawking.

feäkonet, m. falconet.

fall, n. fall, downfall, tumble; (händdse)
case, event, accident, hap; instance. I
/., in case. I aUa /., at all events, at
any rate. Högmod går för /., pride
will have a fall. Förevarande /., the
case in question. KnaU och faU, all
of a sudden, suddenly, unawares. I an-
nat (motsatt) /., in the contraiy case.
-a, V. n. to fall, to tumble, to drop; to
abate, to lower, to decrease. Priserna f.,
the. prices are on the decline, prices are
dropping. Lata modet /., to lose couri^e.
F. besvärlig (tUl besvär), to be trouble-
some (to). F. i fönmdran, to be aston-
ished fat), to be struck with astonish-
ment, liden faller mig lång, time hangs
heavily upon me. F. af, to fell off [from] ;
to grow meagre, to waste away. F. bort,
to fell away. F. i ögonen, to strike [catch]


the eye. F. ngon i talet, to intennpt
one. F. för svärd, to fell by the sword.
F. i, to fell in [into]. F. i gråt, to
fell a -crying. F. ifrån, to abandon;
to die, to drop off. F. ihop, to fell
together, to collapse. F. in, to fell in.
Det faUer mig in, it comes into my
mind, it strikes me. F. ned, to fall down,
to drop. F. ngon om halsen, to fall about
one’s nbck. F. orfJeuU, to fell down. F.
på, to fall TEipon. F. .pd ngot, to take a
fency. F. på en tanks, to hit upon a
thought. Jag föU på den tanken, tiie
thought struck me. Talet föä på, the
conversation turned upon. J^. på ens httv
tö fell [come] to one’s share. F. sig, tc
turn out, to happen. Det fcdUr af sig
sjcdft, that follows of [in] course. Bd
faUer sig svårt, it is not easy. F. tifl, to
fall to, to devolve upon. JP. tiUhaka, to Mi
back, to revert. F. undan, to fall away. F.
ur, to fell [drop] from. F. ur rolen, to act
out of character; to be out of keeping.
F. ut, to fall out, to drop out; (ompen^
ningar) to come due; (om floder arc.) to
discharge, -ande, n. fallhig, fall, de^
cline; - part, falling, -andeset, /. fall^
ing sickness, epilepsy, -en, adj. given
(to), addicted (to), subject (to), -enhetj
/. inclination, disposition, talent, addict^
edness. F. för knot, a turn for grumblingJ
-färdig, adj. ready [about] to fall, -gropj
/. pit-fall, -liom, n. head. -Incka, f
trap-door, -port, m. hatch, -rep, n\
manrope, siderope. -repstrappa, /. ac^
commodation ladder, -skärm, m. paraj
chut, -valk, m. pudding hot (of a mast)
binlet (of a child).

falliasement, n. failure, bankruptcy.

fala, m. fold, furrow; rebate; (tunnb.,
groove, notch; (bokb.) fold, guard, -a
V. a. to fold; to groove, to notch; (bckL>
to sheet, -ben, n. folder, folding-stick
-hammare, m. soldering hammer, -hy!
vel, m. notching-plane. -knif, m. shavei

falsett, m. falsetto.

falsk, adj. false, erroneous, felsifi’
counterfeit, untrue, forged; (musik)
cordant. F-t mynt, base [false] coin.
uttydning, misinterpretation. Sjunga f-^

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