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to expiate; (förlika) to reconcile; (blidka)
to conciliate, to appease, to propitiate.
-ande, adj. expiatory. -are, m. atoner,
mediator, composer, intercessor. -ing,
f. atonement, expiation; reconciliation;
propitiation. -ingsläran, f. (the christian)
doctrine of atonement [reconciliation].
-ingsoffer, n. expiatory [propitiatory]
sacrifice. -lig, adj. reconcilable,
placable. -lighet, f. placability.

försorg, f. care. Draga f. om, to take
care of, to provide for.

forspann, n. leaders (in a four-horse team).

förspel, n. prelude.

förspilla, v. a. to forfeit, to lose, to spill,
to waste.

försprång, n. start. Få (ha) f., to get
(have) the start (of).

förspänna, v. a. to put to.

förspörja, v. a. to hear, to learn. Det
it is told [said], the rumor goes.

först, adv. first, at first, firstly, primarily.
F. och främst, first and foremost,
first of all. F. på sommaren, at the
commencement of summer. Han kom f. nu,
he came but just now. Han kom f. i går,
he came only yesterday, -född, adj. first-born,
firstbegotten. -födslorätt, m. birth-rights,
rights of primogenity. -nämnd,
adj. the former. -one, I f., at first.

första(e), adj. first. F. bokhållare, chief
clerk. Från min f. barndom, from my
earliest childhood. För det f., in the first
place, firstly. Med det f., as soon as possible,
-e, m. prince, sovereign. -ling,
m. firstling, first-fruits.

förstad, m. suburb.

försteg, n. precedence. Taga f. för. to
take p. of.

förstena, v. a. to petrify. -ing, f.
(stenvandling) petrifaction, petrification.

förstocka, v. a. to harden, to make
obdurate, -d, adj. obdurate, obstinate,
indurated, besotted.

förstoppa, v. a. to stop, to choke up,
to obstruct. -ande, adj. obstructive.
-ning, f. obstruction, constipation,

förstora, v. a. to enlarge, to magnify,
to exaggerate, to augment, to aggrandize.
-ing, f. magnifying, enlargement. -ingsglas,
n. magnifying glass, microscope.

försträcka, v. a. (skada sig) to strain,
to sprain; (penningar &c.) to advance.
-ning, f. strain, sprain; advance.

förströ, v. a. (kringströ) to disperse, to
scatter; (muntra) to dissipate. -else, f.

förstuga, f. entry. -qvist, m. porch.

förstul-en, adj. stealthy. -et, adv.

förstumma, v. a. to render silent [mute],
to silence. -ning, f. muteness.

förstyre, n. (om person) leader, manager,

förstå, v. a. to understand, to comprehend,
to conceive. Låta f., to give to understand,
to intimate. Det f-s, of course,
that is a matter of course. Det f-s af sig
that follows of [in] course, that is
understood of itself. F. sig på, to have a
knowledge of, to be skilled in, to be a judge
of. Välförståendes att, that is to say that,
always understood that. Han f-r min mening,
he takes my meaning. Hur skall man
f. detta talesätt?
How is this phrase to be
accepted [taken]? -nd, n. understanding,
intellect, intelligence, judgement, sense,
wit; (förbindelse) correspondence; (mening)
meaning, sense. Det går öfver mitt
that is above my comprehension.
Lefva i godt f. med, to live on good terms
with. Vara i hemligt f. med, to intrigue
with. Vara vid fullt f., to be in one’s
right senses. Förlora f-et, to lose one’s
senses [wits]. Vara från f-et, to be
deranged. Ha f. om, to understand, to be
judge of. Efter mitt f., in my opinion.
-ndig, adj. intelligent, sensible, judicious.
-ndsgäfvor, f. pl. intellectual faculties.
-ndstro, f. belief based upon reflection.
-sigpåare, m. connoisseur.

förstäf, m. stem.

förställa, v. a. to disfigure, to disguise,
to deform. F. sig, to dissemble, to feign,
to play the hypocrite. -d, adj. (vanstäld)
disfigured, deformed; (falsk) counterfeit,
feigned. -ning, f. dissimulation, hypocrisy.

förställare, m. (artill.) limber.

förstäm-ma, v. a. to put out of tune;
(fig.) to damp one’s spirits, -d, adj.
ill disposed, out of spirits,

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