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lowspirited. -ning, f. dissonance; low spirits,
dejection, damp.

förständiga, v. a. to order, to direct.

förstärka, v. a. to strengthen, to reinforce,
to augment. -ning, f. reinforcement,

förstöra, v. a. (fördärfva) to destroy,
to ruin, to spoil, to demolish, to waste;
(slösa bort) to spend, to squander. F. sig,
to ruin one’s self; to hurt one’s self, -ande,
adj. destructive. -are, m. destroyer,
demolisher, squanderer. -d, adj. destroyed,
demolished, ruined. -else, -ing, f.
destruction, ruin, demolition, disturbance,

försum-ma, v. a. to neglect, to omit, to
let slip (an opportunity), to miss (a lesson
&c.). -lig, adj. neglectful, negligent,
careless, remiss. -lighet, f. negligence,
neglect, remissness.

försupen, adj. given to drinking. Han
är f.,
he is a drunkard.

försvaga, v. a. to weaken, to enervate,
to debilitate, to enfeeble, to relax, to
derogate. -nde, n. weakening, enervation,

försvar, n. defence, protection; apology,
vindication; houselist. Toga ngon i f., to
undertake one’s defence, to stand up for
one. -a, v. a. to defend, to protect, to
maintain; to support, to assert, to vindicate.
-are, m. defender, defendant, protector,
apologist, supporter. -lig, adj.
(dräglig) tolerable, tolerably good.
-skrig, n. defensive war. -slös, adj.
defenceless; vagabond. -smedel, n. means
of defence. -sskrift, f. apology.
-sstånd, n. state of defence. -stal, n.
apology, apologetical discourse.
-svapen, n. defensive weapon. -sverk, n.
defensive work, fort; regulations of
defence. -svis, adv. defensively.

försvenska, v. a. to translate into Swedish.

försvinna, v. n. to disappear, to vanish.
-nde, adj. disappearing, vanishing. F.

försvåra, v. a. to render more difficult,
to make worse, to aggravate, to increase.

försvär(j)a, v. a. to forswear. F. sig,
to perjure one’s self, to swear false.

forsyn, f. providence; (blygsel) bashfulness,
modesty, timidity. Ha f. för, to
have a shyness [distaste] to, to shun to,
to forbear to. -t, adj. bashful. -thet, f.

försynda sig, v. r. to offend, to sin
(against), to trespass (against). -else,
f. trespass, sin.

försåt, n. ambush, ambuscade, artifice,
insidiousness. Lägga f. för någon, to
waylay one, to lay an ambush for. Ligga
i f. för,
to lie in ambush [wait] for. -lig,
adj. insidious, treacherous, captious.

försäga sig, v. r. to speak wrong, to

försäkra, v. a. to assure (of), to ascertain
(of), to make sure of, to ensure, to
declare; (invända) to protest; (mot brand
to insure, to assure. Göra sig f-d, to
ascertain. -an, -ing, f. assurance, assertion,
averment, declaration; (invändning)
protest; (mot brand &c.) assurance,

försälja, v. a. to sell, to vend. -ning,
f. sale, vent.

försämra, v. a. to make worse, to
deteriorate, to impair, to debase. F. sig,
to become deteriorated, to deteriorate, to
degenerate, to decline. -ing, f. deterioration,
impairment, decline.

försända, v. a. to send, to despatch, to
convey, to transmit, -ande, n. sending,
conveyance, transmission. -ning, f. sending.

försänka, v. a. to sink, to submerge;
(en hamn) to block [fill] up. -ning, f.
submersion; blocking up; (fig.) relation,
connection, support.

försätta, v. a. to transpose, to transfer,
to place; (bringa) to reduce; (blanda)
to mix, to amalgamate, to alloy; (förslösa)
to spend, to waste; (ett skepp) to drift.
F. i frihet, to set at liberty, to release.
-ande, n., -ning, f. transposition,
reducing &c. -are, m. slide-rest. -spapper,
n. flying-leaves.

försök, n. attempt, essay, experiment,
trial, proof. På f., by way of trial
[experiment]. -a, v. a. to attempt, to essay,
to experiment, to try, to prove,

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