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mighty; potent, puissant; (om lager af
malm &c.)
rich, thick; (om mat) cloying,
luscious. Han är sig själf ej m., he has
no command of himself. Vara ett språk
to have the command of a language,
to be master of a language. -ighet, f.
strength, force, greatness; thickness,

makulatur, f. maculature, waste-paper.

mal, m. (fisk) sheat-fish; (insekt) moth.
-äten, adj. moth-eathen. -ört, f.

mala, v. a. to grind.

malakit, m. malachite.

mall, m. mould.

malle, m. crumb, soft part of bread.

malm, m. (stadsdel) suburb.

malm, m. ore; metal; (brons) brass.
-artad, adj. metallic. -brott, n. mine.
-brytare, m. miner. -brytning, f. digging
of ore. -förande, adj. metalliferous.
-gryta, f. brass pot. -gång (-åder, f.),
m. vein of ore. -sten, m. piece of ore.
-streck, se -gång.

malt, n. malt, -bad, n. m.-bath. -dryck,
m. m.-drink [-liquor]. — mälta, v. a. to
malt; v. n. to shoot, to sprout. -hus, n.
malthouse. -ning, f. making of malt;

malvasir, n. malmsey.

mamma, f. mamma, mam.

mammon, m. mammon, riches.

mamsell, f. miss, young lady, damsel.

man, f. (på djur) mane.

man, pron. one; they, people. Man säger,
they say, it is said, people say. Man
sade mig,
I was told. Man har sagt mig,
I have been told. Man fann honom, they
found him, he was found. Man har sett
it has been seen. Man kan ej veta,
there is no knowing. -, adv. Gör man(s)
do but that.

man, m. man; (gift) husband. Gemene
the common people. Man för man,
man by man. Man imellan, från man till
from man to man. Till mans, a man
[head]. God m., trustee, good responsible
man; assignee (of a bankrupt). Gå man
ur huse, se
-grant. Det är jag man för,
that I can do; I am responnble for that.
Fjärde man (i spel), fourth hand; [person].
Man mot man, hand to hand. En man står
vid sitt ord,
a man is as good as his word.
-bar, adj. virile, nubile, marriageable.
-barhet, f. marriageable age, manhood,
virility. -bygning, f. manor-house. -dom,
m. manhood; manliness, courage; (Kristi)
human nature, humanity. Mandoms
incarnation. -dråp, n.
homicide, manslaughter, murder. -dråpere,
m. manslayer, murderer, homicide, -fall,
n. slaughter, carnage. -folk, n., man,
men. -grant, adv. to a man. -gård, m.
dwelling-house, court. -häftig, adj.
stalwart, stout-hearted, brave. -haftighet,
f. doughtiness, valor. -kön, n. male sex.
-lig, adj. male, masculine, virile; (fig.)
manful, stout, manlike, valiant. M-a år,
years of maturity. -ligen, adv. manfully,
bravely. -ligket, f. manfulness. -na, v.
a. M. rår,
to man the yards. -naminne,
n. (within) the memory of man. -namod,
n. courage. -namån, m. respect
of persons. -sblod, n. St. John’s wort.
-sbot, f. man-boot, compensation for
homicide. -skap, n. men; (på fartyg)
crew. -skraft (ört), f. eringo. -slem,
m. man’s yard. -sperson, m. male,
man. -spillan, f. loss of men. -sröst,
f. man’s voice. -ssida, f. male line.
-stark, adj. numerous, in great number.
-sålder, m. man’s age, generation.
-tal, n. the standard or rule by which
the taxation of farms and other estates in
the country is regulated. -talskommissarie,
m. gatherer of taxes, commissary
of the aids. -talslängd, f. list of
contribution. -talspenningar, m. pl.
poll-money. -talsskrifning, f. assessment.
-talsskrifven, adj. contributary, taxable.

mana, v. a. to exhort, to put one in mind.
M. sig själf, to do a thing of one’s own
motion. M. godt för ngon, to plead one’s
cause, to speak in one’s favor. M. på, to
put on, to forward, to spur on, to stir up.
M. ut, to challenge. -ing, f. exhortation.

mandat, n. (uppdrag) mandate, order;
-, m. (bedrift) deed, exploit.

mandel, m. almond. mandel-, adj.

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