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(1872) [MARC] Author: Victor Emanuel Öman - Tema: Dictionaries
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shed the hair. S. af, to let off. 8, hori^
to let go, to part with, to dismiss. 8.
efteTy to slacken, to remit, to give way.
S. efter sig^ to drop. 8. ifrdn aig^ ae 8,
bart. 8. fram^ förbin igenom^ to let one
come forward. 8, tn, to let in [into]. 8.
Iö8y to let loose. 8, ned^ to drop, to let
fall, to let down. Jmf. Sjpänna néd, 8,
tiUy to find. Jmf. tUlslappa. 8. upp^
to let up. 8. Mr, tct, to let out, to release,
-händ, ad^. apt to let slip out of one’s
hands. Jmf efterlåten.
slaty adj. (jömn) plain, level, even, flat;
(glatt) smooth, sleek. Jmf. dålig, klen,
instäJlsam. 8’t land, plain country. 8,
tröst, wretched comfort. En a. karl, a
worthless fellow. 8’t tyg, plain stuff.
Oöra sig 8., \xi cringe, to &wn. -a, v. a.
to smooth, -fil, in. smooth file, -liam-
mare, m. smoothing hammer, -het, /.
plainness, evenness; smoothness, sleek-
ness; fiiwning. -hyf7el, m. smoothing
plane, -söm, m. plain sewing, -t, adv.
smooth, plainly; ill, poorly, wretchedly.
Rått oeh s., simply, plainly; in so many
words.’ 8. icke, not at all. — slätt, /.
plain, -bygd, /. plain [flat] country.
aldy adj. (icke icarpj hlunt; (sad) dead;
(dum) hlunt, dull, addle, weik. -het, /.
bluntness, dulness. -skodd, adj. smooth-
shod, -säd, /. refäse of com, offid-com,
light com.
slödder, n. trash, worthless people.
slÖ^y adj. handy, dexterous.
slö|a9 /. veil.

slöjdy /. industry, manufiicturo; work in
wood, -a, t;. a. to cut [work] in wood.
-skola, /. school of industri, school for
mLÖT, n. (pd höns) caruncle.
slör^ m. (sjöt.) quarter wind.
mlÖBtif V. n. 0. a. to lavish, to squander,
to waste. 8. bort, to squander away. 8.
i mat, to be profuse in victuals, -aktig,
cuif, prodigal (of), lavish (of), profuse
(o/J^ wasteful, -aktlghet, /. prodigal-
ity ^ extravagance, -are, m, prodigal,
spendthrift, lavisher. -ezi, n. prodigal-
ity, profusion.

m. (fartyg) smack.
Sv.-Eng. Lexikon.



tf. n. to smack; (om grodor) to
croak, -andej n. smack; croak.

smaky m. taste, savor, smack, gust, fla-
vor; (smakens sinne) taste; (lust) fancy,
liking, relish; (konstnärlig) manner, style,
way. I god «., of good fiincy [taste].
Efter (i) min s., to my taste [fiuicy, lik-
ing]. Det år i min s., it is to my taste.
Fatta s. för något, to take a &ncy to a
thing. Ha s. för, to have a taste for, to
relish a thing, to delight in, to like, to
have a fiemcy to. -a, v. a. to taste, -a,
tf. n. to savor, to taste, to have a taste
of. Det s-r (som, af) citron, it tastes of
citron. Det s-r mig icke, I don’t like it.
Det s-r godt, it has a good taste. 8. på,
to taste. 8. på! taste. 8. mer, to tcäte
morish. Ingen mat s-r mig^ I have no
relish for food of any kind. Hur s-de vi-
net er? how did you Uke the wine? Ingen-
ting s-r honom, nothing relishes with him.
-fall, adj. tasteful, tasty, elegant, -lig,
adj. savory, palatable, toothsome, -lig-
het, /. savoriness, pleasantness to the
taste, -lös, adj. taxless, insipid, un-
savory, flat, -löi^het, /. tastelessness,
want of taste, -nerv, m. gustatory nerv.
-sinne, n. sense of taste.

■maly adj. (4j bred) narrow, strait; (ef
Ijock) slender, thin; (Iden) poor. En a.
sdk, an easy matter, -ben, n. small of
the leg. -bent, adj. spindle-shanked,
-bladig, adj. narrow-leaved, angustifoli-
ous. -het, /. narrowness, slendemess.
-na, t;. n. to grow slender [thin], to taper,
to grow smaller. -si>etsig, adj, cuspidate.

smalts, n. smalt, blue-glass.

smara^, m. emerald.

smaska, v. n. to smack.

smattray v. n. to clatter, to patter, to

smedy m. smith. 8in egen lyckas s., the
artificer [architect] of one’s own fortune,
•ja,/. forge, smithy. -Jebälg (-Jepust),
m. pair of bellows. -Je hammare, m.
sledge. -Jekol, n. cinders, -s mästare,
m. master smith.

smeky n. dalliance, endearment, caresses,
fawning, -a, v. a. to caress, to fondle,
tö dally, to dandle, to fiiwn, to coax, to


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