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strike softly, to cherish, to cajole. -er,
m. fawner, fondler. -full, adj. fawning,
cajolering, flattering. -månad, m. honeymoon.
-namn, n. fondling-name. -ning,
f. caress. -unge, m. darling, fondling,

smergel, m. emery.

smet, m. dough, paste, glue; -, n. grease,
filth. -a, v. a. to smear, to glue, to
paste, to daub, to besmear, to bedawb.
S. fast, to fasten with paste. S. igen, to
stop up.

smicker, n. flattery, adulation, fawning.
smickra, v. a. to flatter, to wheedle,
to cajole, to coax. S. sig med, to flatter
one’s self with. -are, m. flatterer,

smida, v. a. to forge, to hammer, S.
to join by forging, to enchain. S.
to weld together. S. ihop en lögn,
to forge [trump up] a lie. -e, n.
manufactures of iron, iron-tools, iron-ware,
hard-ware. Han har 700 skeppund s., he
forges yearly an hundred tuns of iron at
his works. Grofsmide, heavy smith’s work.
Finsmide, small iron-ware, light smith’s
work. Smidt järn, wrought iron. —
smidig, adj. malleable; ductile; (böjlig)
limber, supple, flexible, pliable, pliant,
nimble, -het, f. malleableness, ductility;
flexibility, suppleness, limberness,
agility, pliantness.

smil, n. smerk, simper, fawning, -a,
v. n. to smerk, to simper, to fawn, to
cringe. -are, -er, m. fawner, coaxer.
-ig, adj. fawning, flattering.

smink, n. paint, rouge. -a, v. a. to
paint, to rouge. Hon s-r sig, she paints.
-bär, n. blite.

smiska, v. a. to beat.

smitt-a, f. contagion, infection. -a, v. a.
to infect, to taint. -koppor, f. pl. smallpox,
-sam, adj. infectious, contagious,
infective. -samhet, f. infectiousness,

smolk, n. dust, mote, filth; dalleps,
impurities in corn &c. Det har kommit något
s. dem imellan,
there’s some misunderstanding
come between them.

smuggla, v. a. o. n. to smuggle, to run,
to contraband. -are, m. smuggler,
contrabandist. -eri, n. smuggling.

smul-a, f. crumb, little bit. Icke en s.,
not a bit. En s. oriktig, slightly incorrect.
-a, v. a. to crumble. S. sig, to
fall into crumbs, to crumb, to decay.
-gråt, m. niggard, curmudgeon, pinch-fist,
miser, -ig, adj. crumbled.

smult, n. goose-fat and lard.

smult, adj. (sjöt) smooth (water).

smultron, n. strawberry, -buske, m.
s.-tree, arbute. -väpling, m. strawberry-headed

smusla, v. a. to shuffle. Han går och
he goes sneaking about.

smuts, m. dirt, filth, soil. -a, v. a. to
dirt, to sully, to soil, to stain, to foul.
-fläck, m. spot of dirt. -ig, adj. dirty,
foul, filthy, soiled, nasty. -ighet, f.
dirtiness, filthiness, nastiness.

smutta, v. n. to tipple.

smycka, v. a. to adorn. -e, n. ornament,

smyg, m. hiding place. I s., by stealth,
secretly, clandestinely, under the rose,
under hand. -a, v. n. to sneak, to slip, to
slink. S. fram, to bring a thing forward
with some artifice, to smuggle. S. sig bort.
to steal [sneak] away. S. sig fram, to
steal forward. S. sig igenom, to sneak
through. S. sig in, to steal [sneak] into.
S. sig på ngon, to steal upon one. S. sig
to steal out. -er, m. sneaker. -handel,
m. clandestine [smuggling] trade.
-handlare, m. interloper, smuggler.
-väg, m. by-way; mean shift [resource].

små, adj. pl. small, little, petty. De
the little ones. Skära smått, to
cut small. -aktig, adj. illiberal, mean.
punctilious. -aktighet, f. illiberality,
meanness, punctiliousness. -barnsskola,
f. infant school. -borre, m. (ört) common
agrimony. -falsk, adj. cunning, subtle,
sly. -fisk, m. small fishes. -fjollig, se
fånig. -folk, n. low people. -le, v. n.
to smile (at, upon). -leende, n. smile.
-mynt, n. (-penningar, m. pl.) small
money. Jmf. skiljemynt. -nätt, adj.
pretty, rather neat. -plock, n. trifles.
-randig, adj. with narrow stripes. -rede,

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