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Gullbacken vid Gullögla


English Summary.

. ■ r

Place names on Scand. Gull-, corresponding1 to Engl. and Germ.
Gold-, in their relation to folk traditions about gold treasures.

In the parish of Bälinge in the province of Uppland is situated
a farm with the name Gullögla. Close to the same, there is a knoll
named Gullbacken. In those names the latter syllable -ögla is rare
in Swedish place names and in its present form not intelligible as
regards its origin. But Gullbacken is easily understood as a knoll (backe)
that ought probably to be associated with gold in some way.

Similar place names on Gull- have been no small puzzle for
Scan-dinavian onomatologists. Not all of those names contain the metal
gold. In Old Scand. there have been two personal names, a male
name Gulle and a female one Gulla which survive in a few place names.
But still the word for gold is likely to be found in most of the names
in question.

Like the Rhine (cp. Rheingold, the Nibelungen treasure), also a
Swedish river is said in the latter part of the 16th century to have
held gold sand. In its neighbourhood is Gullberget, the cgold mountain5.
In the province of Uppland is Gullgruvan, the cgold-mine\

Other such names might originate from something that looks like
gold: cat-gold. Such is the.case with a rock on the Isle of Gotland
that is rich in glimmer scales.

Something else that looks like gold, e. g. lichen vegetation, Hj.
Lindroth believes to have given rise to the name Gullberg, a mountain,
låter on a stronghold on the River Göta in the neighbourhood of

As gold or something like gold unfortunately more often exists in
fancy than in reality, derivations of place names on Gold- are to be
made also from common sayings and folk traditions. A praising
tend-ency, mostly alluding • to fertility, is likely to be found in a lot of
them, e. g. Norw. Gulåmoen, the egold moor5. Gullbrwga in the province
of Bohuslän is in. a folk tale associated with the words to brivg gold,
but contains Swed. Diai. bringa, a csteep mountain-side5. It is a matter
of question if also good fishing-waters originate from the same

A special form of such praising naming we flnd when the praise
arises. from superstitious ideas. Cp. that the wolf was believed to be
kind when called »gold foot». At sea in fairways, other names than
the original ones were used especially to denote haunted places. Those
öther names were often praising.

Two place names in Östergötland, Gullberg and Gullborg, offer a
special interest because of the fact that they are mentioned in sources
from the middle agès, the former, the first time in 1347, the latter in
1382. In discussing place names on Gull-, E. Noreen from a linguistic

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