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valuable, as it gave us authoritative accounts from men
in the respective communities. This was especially true
of the Vasa and Göthaholm articles.

The credit for having these articles written and
published belongs entirely to Colonel Hans Mattson. He
had the foresight to realize the great value of such
articles as a future source for the history of the Swedish
settlements in Minnesota. He used his influence and
worked conscientiously to get the accounts written and
showed great skill in editing them. As a result we have
preserved in the Minnesota Stats Tidning one of the best
available records of the early Swedish settlements in

There are nine accounts in the series, namely those
from Vasa, Göthaholm, Mamrelund, Minneapolis,
Swedeland, Marine, Stillwater and Afton, Chisago Lake, and
East and West Union in Carver County. These articles
are available in translation in the library of the
Minnesota Historical Society and probably will be published
at some future date. The translator is indebted to the
Minnesota Historical Society for the use of these sources
and wishes to express his appreciation of the admirable
way in which they have been preserved. The translator
is also indebted to Professor Buck for direction in the
work that led to the discovery of these articles, and also
to Professors Stomberg and Stephenson for suggestions
and criticisms. The accounts have been reproduced as
originally printed. The articles were written in an
interesting style and it has been the aim to carry over
as much of this as possible into the translation.

Only the accounts dealing with the Marine and Vasa
settlements can be included in this issue of the Year

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