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warded off all danger. We, who in later years have come to
this country, when we see these fertile fields or neat and
comfortable dwelling houses, cannot realize the unbelievable suffering
and sacrifice which our countrymen in the vanguard had to
endure before they reached that prosperity and independence,
which they so well deserved. All honor to these men and women
whose unshakable courage and unconquerable will never failed
in dangerous and trying circumstances, and who with their
steadiness, perseverence, and industry cleared the way for future

A tragi-comical episode from the pioneer days must be
recorded. A newly-arrived couple had settled in the far-away
woods. One day the wife was occupied in digging a hole in
the ground for some purpose. The throwing up of the earth
from the hole caused a motion in the bushes, which was noticed
from the other side of a little lake by two American hunters. The
hunters, not having observed any person, thought some wild
animal caused the motion. One of them fired, striking the
woman’s leg, who because of the pain gave a cry. Her husband,
on hearing the wife’s call for help, hurried to the place and after
getting the facts in the case, at once seized his double-barreled
gun and began to pursue the near-sighted hunters. Fearing the
murderous weapon in the hands of the aggrieved husband, they
retreated through the woods, closely pursued by the angry
husband, whom they thought possessed by an evil spirit. Their roles
were now exchanged. Those who before had been hunters now
became the beasts of the chase. To attempt to come to some
agreement in the matter by talking things over was futile, as
neither party could understand what the other said. Thus the
chase continued along unbeaten paths through the woods, until
they came to a neighbor who lived four miles away, whither the
husband, with his gun steadily pointed at them, had succeeded in
chasing his “forerunners”. The neighbor, who fortunately
understood English, was drafted as an interpreter. The unfortunate
hunter, himself a doctor, was compelled to relieve the woman,
fortunately not badly wounded, of the indigestible pills which
he had unwillingly given her, and besides this he paid a big
indemnity. So the chase ended with mutual satisfaction to all

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