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acknowledge his supremacy. At the same time he
abandoned and destroyed Fort Nassau, as too far up
the stream, and stationed two men-of-war at his new
fort, which collected toll from foreign vessels trading
in the river. He also attempted to strengthen his
position by obtaining a title to the territory seized by him
from certain Indians, but the right of the latter to
dispose of it was denied by the heirs of the sachem who
had conveyed the land to Minuit, and Printz addressed
a protest on the subject to Stuyvesant. In consequence
of these difficulties with the Hollanders, the Swedish
Governor abandoned all his posts excepting New
Gottenburg, Nya Korsholm and Christina. In other
respects the colony had prospered that year, reaping,
as Printz says, “fine harvests at all the settlements,
besides obtaining delicious crops of several kinds of

No message or letter having been received from
Sweden for the past four or five years, the emigrants
became disheartened, and some of them left the country.
By this time forty Dutch families had settled on
the east side of the Delaware, who sustained
themselves by traffic with the Indians, being poorly
provided for the pursuit of agriculture, in which, on the
other hand, the Swedes excelled.

In April, 1653, the Governor again wrote to the
Chancellor, saying: “The people yet living and
remaining in New Sweden, men, women and children, number
altogether two hundred souls. The settled families do
well, and are supplied with cattle. The country yields
a fair revenue. Still the soldiers and others in the
Company’s service enjoy but a very mean subsistence,
and consequently seek opportunity every day to get

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