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away, whether with or without leave, having no
expectation of any release, as it is now five years and
a half since a letter was received from home. The
English trade, from which we used to obtain a good
support, is at an end, on account of the war with
Holland; while the fur-trade yields no profit,
particularly now that hostilities have broken out between
the Arrigahaga and Susquehanna Indians, from whom
the beavers were procured. The Hollanders have
quit all their places on the river except Fort Casimir,
where they have settled about twenty-six families. To
attempt anything against them with our present
resources, however, would be of no avail. More people
must be sent over from Sweden, or all the money and
labour hitherto expended on this undertaking, so well
begun, is wasted.”

During this summer Printz sent home his son
Gustav, who had been a lieutenant in the settlement
since 1648. Matters, however, not improving, and
nothing yet being heard from Sweden, the Governor
determined to leave the country. Promising to return
himself in ten months or send back a vessel and cargo,
and appointed in his place, as Vice-Governor of the
Colony, his son-in-law Johan Papegoja, in company
with his wife and Hendrick Huygen and some others
of the settlers, he left the Delaware in the beginning of
October, and, crossing the ocean in a Dutch vessel,
landed at Rochelle, from whence he w^ent to Holland,
and arrived in Sweden in April, 1654.

In the spring of 1652 Queen Christina held a
consultation on the condition of New Sweden, at wThich
wpere present Postmaster-General Johan Beier (who,
since the death of Admiral Fleming, had superintended

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