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the enterprise), Hans Kramer (a zealous co-operator
in the work), Henrik Gerdtson (who had resided in
New Netherland), the Assessor in the College of
Commerce, and finally Lieutenant Schute, who made a
report on the Colony. It was concluded to commit the
undertaking for the future to the care of the College
of Commerce, and to order the Admiralty to prepare
a vessel for another expedition to the Delaware. More
than a year elapsed, however, before this project was
carried out. In August, 1653, Schute was ordered to
enroll fifty soldiers as emigrants, preferring such as
had some mechanical skill, and to procure two hundred
and fifty colonists, including women, from the forests
of Wärmland and Dal. The ship “Örnen” was supplied
by the Admiralty, while the West India Company
fitted out “Gyllene Hajen”, which had carried the
sixth expedition to New Sweden, and was put under
the command of Hans Amundson, who, as Captain of
the Navy, was to superintend the construction of
vessels and have charge of the defences of the colony.
Schute was to accompany the expedition as “Captain
in the country, and particularly over the emigrants to
be sent out on “Örnen,” and both he and Amundson
were granted patents of land on the Delaware. Printz
being supposed to be still in New Sweden, Johan
Claesson Rising, the secretary of the College of Commerce,
was appointed Commissary and Assistant-Councillor
to the Governor, receiving a stated salary and a grant
of as much land in New Sweden as he could cultivate
with twenty or thirty peasants. And a “Memoir” was
given him by his sovereign, and “Instructions” from
the College of Commerce, prescribing his duties in the
Colony. On the way to America Amundson was to

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