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obtain compensation for the vessel “Kattan” from the
Spaniards at Porto Rico, “Gyllene Hajen” being
detained for some repairs, “Örnen” was obliged to sail
without her, and left Gottenburg in Febraury, 1654,
with three hundred and fifty emigrants (including
women and children), among whom were two Lutheran
clergymen, Lieutenant Elias Gyllengren, and
Peter Lindström, a military engineer, from whose
letters, journal, and maps we derive much information
concerning the Swedish colony. They arrived in the
Delaware in May, and, casting anchor off Fort Casimir,
summoned the Dutch garrison to surrender, and, not
receiving a satisfactory response, took possession of the
stronghold, naming it from the day of its capture
(Trinity Sunday) “Trefaldighets Fort.” The next
day the vessel sailed up to Christina, and the
inhabitants of that region assembled to hear the commands
of their sovereign, and the Dutch settlers, who were
permitted to remain on the Delaware, took an oath
of fealty to Sweden. Soon afterwards a meeting of
the rest of the people for the same purpose was held
at Tinicum. Forts Elfsborg and Nya Korsholm were
both found to be deserted and in ruins, the latter having
been burned by the Indians. The colonists had been
greatly reduced in numbers by desertion and other
causes, since the departure of Governor Printz; and
Papegoja cheerfully resigned the government to Rising,
who retained him as councillor in conjunction with
Captain Schute.

After visiting the various settlements of the river,
in company with Engineer Lindström, Rising concluded
a treaty of peace with the Indians. He also entertained
Lawrence Lloyd, the English commandant of

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