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Virginia, who stated the claim of his country to the
Delaware, mentioning especially the grant to Plowden.
The Swedes defended their title by appealing to the
donations of the natives, and, when Virginians
afterwards desired to buy and settle in the colony, Rising
denied them permission to do so, till he might receive
instructions from Sweden. The Governor further
obtained fresh recognition of the Swedish dominion over
the west shore of the river, from Fort Trinity to the
Schuylkill, from two Indian chieftains. The progress
made during the first two months of Rising’s
administration was very satisfactory; and hopeful letters
were addressed by him to the Oxenstjernas, and a
Report was rendered to the College of Commerce. “For
myself,” says the Governor, “I am very contented.
There is four times more ground occupied at present
than when we arrived, and the country is better
peopled; for then we found only seventy persons and
now, including the Hollanders and others, there are
three hundred and sixty-eight.”

The news of Printz’s departure from the Delaware
was received soon after “Örnen” had left Gottenburg
for America, and on the 28th of February, 1654, Queen
Christina commissioned Rising temporary Governor of
New Sweden. Hans Amundson was removed from
the supervision of defences, and his duty was
committed to Sven Schute, while Henrik von Elswich of
Lübeck was deputed to succeed Huygen as commissary.
Her Majesty also granted allodial-en-franchisement to
all who purchased land of the West India Company or
of the Indians, with recognition of Swedish

Two months after “Örnen” sailed for America,

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