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“Gyllene Hajen” left Gottenburg for Porto Rico* and,
on presentation of his claim for damages for “Kattan,”
Commissary Elswich was offered 14,030 Spanish
dollars by the Governor, but, not deeming that sum
sufficient, declined to receive it, hoping for more
satisfactory compensation hereafter. Amundson died and was
buried on the island. The vessel continued her voyage
and arrived off our continent in September, but,
through the malice or ignorance of the mate, was taken
into Manhattan harbor instead of the Delaware. This
led to her detention bv Governor Stuyvesant and the
confiscation of her cargo, Rising refusing a demand
to pay for or restore the Dutch Fort Casimir. Most
of the emigrants remained in New Netherlands and
Elswich did not arrive at our river until the close of

During the summer of 1654 occured the death of
Chancellor Oxenstjerna and the abdication of Queen
Christina and accession of King Charles X. This
sovereign encouraged the West India Company to
prosecute their undertaking on the Delaware by
renewing their monopoly of the tobacco trade, which
had been withdrawn in 1649; and the Chamber of
Commerce required them either to contribute the
capital needed for their enterprise, or relinquish their
pretensions in New Sweden. They at once resolved to
disburse the remainder of their funds, and another
expedition, the tenth and last, was fitted out for the
Delaware. It sailed on the “Mercurius” in October,
under the command of the former Commissary,
Hendrick Huygen, numbering eighty-eight souls, among
whom were a Lutheran clergyman and Johan Papegoja.
The College of Commerce commissioned Rising

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