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“Commandant” in New Sweden—the budget for 1655
embracing a captain, a lieutenant, an ensign, a sergeant,
two gunners, a corporal, a drummer, and thirty-six
soldiers, a provost, and an executioner, with three
clergymen, a commissary, an assistant-commissary, a
fiscal, a barber-surgeon, and an engineer for the colony,
besides certain employees in Stockholm, at a total
charge of 5,238 riksdaler per annum.

These energetic attempts to strengthen the settlement
were made too late, however, and rather hastened
the fall of the Swedish dominion over the Delaware.
The Directors of the Dutch West India Company wrote
to Stuyvesant, severely censuring the surrender of Fort
Casimir, and approving of the seizure of “Gyllene
Hajen,” and urged the undertaking of an expedition
to gain possession of our river, informing him that
they would send out “one of the largest and best ships”
of Amsterdam, carrying thirty-six guns and two
hundred men, to aid him in the enterprise. The vessel
referred to, called “DeWaag,” arrived at New Amsterdam
in August, 1655, and the Director-General lost no
time in preparing for the invasion of New Sweden.
He assembled a small army of over three hundred
men, and on the 26th sailed for the Delaware,
commanding “De Waag” in person, and accompanied by
six other vessels, carrying sixteen guns. After
capturing some colonists at Sandhoeck, they appeared in
front of Fort Trinity on the morning of the 31st. In
anticipation of the advent of the Hollanders, the
garrison of this post had been increased to forty-seven men,
and orders had been issued by Governor Rising to
Captain Schute, who still commanded at that point, to
fire upon the Dutch, if they attempted to pass. Schute

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