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was summoned by Stuyvesant to surrender, and granted
till the next morning to respond. During the night
he sent word to Christina as to his situation, and nine
or ten men were despatched to his relief. These were
intercepted, however, by the Hollanders, and, a mutiny
occuring among the garrison, involving the arrest of
fifteen or sixteen men, and two others deserting,
resistance seemed worse than useless and Schute met
the Director-General on “De Waag” and consented to
capitulate. Stuyvesant promised security for the
persons and private property of the officers, and the
restoration to Sweden of the four iron guns and five
field-pieccs of the redoubt, and the captain marched
forth, with a guard and colors flying, and the place
was occupied by the Dutch. The same day Commissary
Elswich appeared before the Director-General with a
demand from Rising for an explanation of his actions,
but, not receiving satisfaction, measures were taken
for the defense of Fort Christina. The following day
the Dutch occupied the opposite bank of Christina
Creek, and, after erecting batteries in various places,
completed the investment of the fort by anchoring their
ships at the mouth of the Fisk Kil, now known as
Brandywine Creek. On the 6th Stuyvesant sent a letter
to Rising by an Indian, requiring the Swedes to leave
the country or submit to the rule of the Hollanders.
A council of war was called by the Governor, when it
was determined not to begin hostilities, but merely to
repel assaults, and the next morning Factor Elswyck,
Sergeant van Dyck, and Peter Rambo were despatched
to Stuyvesant to assert the right of Sweden to the
Delaware, and warn him to refrain from acts which
might lead to a breach between their sovereign and the

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