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determined to present a detailed report of it to the King,
and the returned emigrants were instructed to appeal
for a settlement of their claims to the Directors of the
American Company.

The “Mercurius” arrived at the Delaware in March,
1656, when her passengers first learned the subjugation
of their colony. They wrere denied permission to land,
and the ship was ordered to Manhattan. The command
was disobeyed by the captain, who was compelled by
Papegoja and other Swedes to put emigrants and
goods ashore, but the vessel was finally taken to New
Amsterdam by Commissary Huygen, and returned to
Gottenburg the following September.

We have no record of any later Swedish expedition
to the Delaware, except of one which sailed on a Dutch
ship from Christiania to Amsterdam in the spring of
1664. This comprised not less than one hundred and
forty Finns from Sundsvall, who had been induced to
emigrate through letters from their relatives and
friends in America. They were provided with
passports and testimonials from their pastors and
fellow-parishioners, and appealed to the burgomaster and
council of Amsterdam, in whose service they enlisted,
for conveyance to our river, which being furnished
them, they sailed in June. Whether they reached their
place of destination or not is not recorded. The
Swedish Government, believing the Finns had been
enticed to emigrate by secret emissaries from Holland,
unsuccessfully attempted to hinder their departure by
representations to the Dutch authorities, and
despatched letters to several Governors of Provinces in Finland,
requiring these to prevent such enterprises in the

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