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and all the territory of New Netherland to his brother
James, Duke of York, and the latter at once took
measures to posses himself of the country. A
commission was given to Colonel Richard Nicolls (whom
the Duke had appointed Deputy-Govemor), Sir Robert
Carr, Sir George Cartwright, and Samuel Maverick,
Esq., to visit the several colonies embraced in this
patentee. These officers set sail from Portsmouth,
with a frigate and three other vessels, carrying three
hundred soldiers and a large body of men, and arrived
at New Amsterdam in August. Director-General
Stuyvesant was unable to prevail upon a sufficient
number of his colonists to oppose the English, and
was forced to submit to their summons to surrender.
New Amsterdam was named, in honor of the Duke,
New York, and Sir Robert Carr was commissioned by
his fellow officers to proceed, with the frigate and one
of the other vessels, to the subjugation of the Dutch
and Swedes on the Delaware. He arrived on our river
in October, and, meeting with no resistance,
administered to the inhabitants oaths of allegiance to the
sovereign of Great Britain and fidelity to English governors.
He appropriated to himself the land of D’Hinojossa,
while his brother, Captain John Carr, took that of van
Sweringen, and another officer, that of Peter Alrichs;
and New Amstel was called New Castle. The territory
on the western shore of the Delaware formed part
of the province of New York, and was retained by the
royal Duke, that on the eastern shore having been
ceded by him in July to Lord Berkley and Sir George
Carteret, under the name of Nova Caesarea or New
Jersey. Although the government of New Sweden
thus passed into the hands of the English, few of that

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