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English again acquired possession of New York and
the Delaware.

Letters-patent, conveying the same territory as was
included in the former grant, were issued by the King
of Great Britain to the Duke of York, and the letter
commissioned Sir Edmund Andros Governor over the
whole country from the Connecticut to our river.
Andros arrived in America in October, and reappointed
all the magistrates who held office when the Dutch
regained possession of the Delaware, with the
exception of Peter Alrichs, who had proved himself too
faithful to the Hollanders. In the spring of 1675 the
first ship full of emigrants from England entered our
river, and landed at Salem, New Jersey, and was soon
followed by others, bringing more colonists from the
same country, who settled for the most part at the
same place, and higher up the river at Burlington.

The English population on the west side of the
Delaware was inconsiderable in 1677, judging from
lists of taxable persons, who resided within the
jurisdiction of the courts of Upland and New Castle. The
total number of inhabitants at that time was about
l,800, for the most part Swedes, who maintained their
numerical superiority until the settlement of Pennsylvania
by William Penn. The adherence of these earliest
colonists of our province to the language and customs
of their ancestors continued long afterwards. In 1754,
by actual count, 950 understood Swedish, 900 could
converse in that tongue, and 500 could read it. And
their ecclesiastical relations with their mother country
did not cease until the death of the last Swedish
Lutheran minister of Gloria Dei Church, Philadelphia, in

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