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facts: In addition to serving two congregations
situated four miles apart, he visited outlying fields at
stated intervals. To one of these he went once a month
for 18 months, travelling 50 miles each trip, often on
foot, or in all 900 miles and received the sum total of
one dollar. For a like remuneration he made quarterly
preaching trips to another congregation, 60 miles
distant, for a year and a half. I cannot refrain from
translating his version of an incident on one of these
trips illustrative of his character and zeal. It is found
in the first volume of the work of Dr. Norelius entitled
“A History of Swedish Congregations.” His horse got
mired some four or five miles from any human
habitation. He writes: “I unhitched and unharnessed the
horse, except as to the bridle and reins, or lines, and
stood up to my knees in water and mud, holding the
reins in one hand and the whip in the other and urged
the animal on. But every effort of the horse to move
sunk him deeper, and finally it looked utterly hopeless.
Then I folded my hands together with both reins and
whip and began to talk with God (for now when all
other help failed I remembered Him) and said: ‘Yes,
dear God, now I have done all that can be done, and
human help and animal strength is not here; services
have been announced and I am on time and nothing on
my part neglected. If I am now unable to get there,
and the people complain of me, and Thy honor
must suffer thereby, Thou must place it against Thy
account for I will not be responsible. Hence the matter
is Thine. If Thou wilt, Thou canst help, otherwise it
remains as it is. Therefore, Lord, fulfill Thy promises.
Amen’.” He naively relates that thereupon the horse
made a renewed effort, and falling came near carrying

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