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positions of honor and usefulness in this and other states.
So, it may be said, we have tangible evidence of the
interest and zeal of the Swedish pioneers for education.
Though themselves without schooling, they were intelligent
and fully appreciative of the value of learning.

The efforts along the line of religious training and
schools were not the only modes of promoting spiritual
and intellectual development among the Swedish settlers.
The Swedish press has always exerted a wholesome
influence in that direction. Col. Hans Mattson and also
Rev. Norelius, already referred to, tried their hands, for
longer or shorter periods, at publishing Swedish
newspapers in Minnesota. Though neither succeeded in
establishing lasting publications, a good beginning was
made and the way paved for other enterprises in that
direction. Due credit should be given these pioneers,
and the sporadic efforts of other publications in the
Swedish language, during the early stages of the
Immigration into this and other states, for a large share
in the cultural and intellectual progress of the Swedes
and their descendants here. As a rule, with almost
negligible exceptions, the Swedish press stood for moral
as well as intellectual advancement of its readers, and
encouraged a keener interest in and greater loyalty to
this country and its institutions which necessarily bore

Whilst the jurisprudence of Sweden is more akin to
the civil law of continental Europe than to the common
law of England, which we inherited, it was not difficult
for the Swedish immigrants to become reconciled to the
difference, even if any was noticed at all, for few had
had had any experience whatever with litigation. From
time immemorial, law and order has been cherished by

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